Executive View December 2019

written by BVC December 30, 2019
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Can you believe the holidays are actually here again? When I was a child, it seemed to take 12 years for Christmas to roll around. I used to walk around for months with a list of items I was never going to see under my tree, adding and subtracting things every day, trying to make what I thought would be a reasonable list that my parents could get for me. However, now that I’m 50 years old, it’s like Christmas arrives after four or five blinks. I remember as a young entrepreneur, about 25 years ago, I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come and go. It was simply in my way. A day when I couldn’t make any money; generally proceeded by one or two other days that I was unable to conduct trade. I would reluctantly, albeit with a smile, hang around family – eating and watching the festivities, anxiously anticipating being able to get back to work and generate income. Looking back, it was a time that I feel quite embarrassed about now.

The holidays are for family, laughs, and cheer. If somehow, the holidays are in your way, you are moving too fast, are in the wrong business, or simply need to figure out how to better adjust the balance of life and business while you still can. Some people don’t figure it out until they’re fighting their last days with very few people surrounding them. Some people never figure it out, and leave their friends and families wishing they had spent more time with them. However, there are those few amongst us, who live their lives completely in the moment. They work hard, run a tough and tight ship, then come home to unwind, laugh, love and be loved, and simply just relax.

I haven’t quite figured it out, but I aspire to be one of those who has. Thankfully, I realize that I should be leaving work at work when I’m enjoying my family during the holidays. Although, I may still answer email, respond to work messages, and manage things that want some attention, I stay aware that perhaps I should just have another glass of wine, continue to dine, and let that message sit until my family is no longer engaged with my presence. Yes, it’s a challenge, but that awareness will hopefully help me discover exactly how to balance life and family, especially during this time of year.

In closing, I should admit that I still believe in Santa Claus. I actually still write my list up, make additions and subtractions all year round, and finally during the first week of December, I mail it off to the North Pole. This year, I have subtracted all previous items on the list, and replaced them with my only Christmas wish. A luxury mansion designed and constructed by GH Construction Company Limited. As our cover feature, this Barbadian company amazed us with the exquisite high-class detail that shines in the homes they build. They are responsible for constructing the largest mansion in Barbados and are well known for building stunning, multi-million dollar homes for those with discerning taste. I hope Santa gets my letter, and for those of you who don’t need Santa in order to obtain one of these beauties, take a look inside and learn more about the company that takes pride in ‘superior construction through attention to detail’.


Until next time, plan, build, and continue to prosper.

Andre Barefield

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