Executive View January 2020

written by BVC January 22, 2020
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Can you believe it? The year is 2020. How many of you ever thought you’d see a day when we were using numbers most commonly associated with an eye examination to reference the year we include with the date on our checks and deposit slips? Although, it’s been a very long time since my visual acuity has registered a 20/20 examination, I do think it’s quite fitting that those are the numbers used to start this new decade, where I believe it to be imperative to do what’s necessary to sharpen your vision; to set and meet new and highly ambitious goals, while striving for the highest obtainable measures that your business can achieve.  The key is realizing that your business cannot exceed the status of your vision. Many executives don’t understand that they’re only stagnating because they have failed to envision the next level. They are too busy concentrating on yesterday’s problems and today’s fires to plan tomorrow’s success and this year’s growth strategy.

If you have fallen into this trap, which even successful executives often do, use this year and this moment to make sure you correct that shortcoming. The employees of your company, the involvement of your shareholders, and the status and legacy of your business reputation is all dependent upon your ability to undergo this examination and sharpen the vision of your mission.

I have already spoken with many key executives of some of the largest businesses in the Caribbean this year, and they have all told me how amazing the start of this 2020 year has been. Here at Business View, we are witnessing one of our best starts in years. Not only businesses, but I’ve been speaking with friends, family, and various other individuals I encountered , and they have also expressed how different this year already feels to many others they’ve experienced. They are full of not only hope, but actual practical evidence of a great starting year. It’s for this reason, I’m bringing up this matter about expanding your vision. Don’t let this year only reach a level that you envisioned five years ago, when you have the ability to set and plan the vision of a level that would be unreachable had you not taken the time to do so.

That said, I raise my glass to toast the success you’ve already accomplished, and to welcome the successes that this year will bring. You have shown yourself to be the very best of the very best, and that has caused us to make sure that we always continue to bring you the very best. Your readership of Business View has made us even more determined to ensure that quality remains paramount. We understand that the time you make in your busy schedule to read through our magazine is extremely valuable and worth every effort by us to make certain it is worth your while in doing so.

2020! May this year be as clear and as perfect as any year can be, and we thank you for embarking upon another year’s journey with us.

Until next time, plan, build and continue to prosper.

Andre Barefield

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