written by BVC December 14, 2020

Joan H Underwood, Antigua and Barbuda’s former Ambassador to Venezuela, announces that plans are well underway for the launch of her first book on December 11, 2020. The primary target audience for the publication, titled Managers’ First Aid Kit, is new and aspiring managers. However, based on the response to the book sample, its contents also resonate with entrepreneurs and more experienced managers who want to maximise their full potential.

This is what Dr. Jeannine Comma, former CEO and Director of the Cave Hill School of Business/UWI, had to say in her review of Managers’ First Aid Kit:

“If learning and development are being earnestly internalized, then one has to take responsibility for one’s behaviors and using this [book] will be a significant breakthrough on the journey of building relationships and achieving self-development.” 

Regarding her motivation to write the book, Ambassador Underwood says that, during her career as an HR Professional and Executive Coach, she encountered numerous high performers who struggled with the transition from individual contributor to manager. The difficulties encountered are not unique to Caribbean managers. In fact, published data reveal that as many as 60% of new managers either fail outright or underperform during their first two years. Ambassador Underwood went on to state that she is honoured to add to the body of published work that showcases Caribbean stories, case studies and examples of our being best in class.

Managers’ First Aid Kit is a practical guide to remedy the three most common challenges faced by new managers – namely, managing self, managing others and managing systems and processes. This is how one regional manager benefitted from exposure to the contents of Joan’s book.

“I have become a more focused leader; more aware than ever of the three areas where these challenges may exist.  It has enabled me to be a better decision maker personally and professionally.  I have also become conscious of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in the world of work as a management professional.” 

Having successfully transitioned from a laboratory technician to a hospital administrator to general management and, ultimately, to a regional and international talent and leadership development specialist, Ambassador Underwood is uniquely qualified to help alleviate this common pain point.

She is a former chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Employers’ Federation (ABEF) and has been a lecturer/facilitator with the Cave Hill School of Business/UWI for two decades. Further, her contributions to the business sector in Antigua and Barbuda and to the wider Caribbean resulted in her being recognized with the 2001 Caribbean Employers Federation Employers Champion Award and the ABEF’s 2011 Award for Sterling Contribution toward the Growth and Development of the Business Community in Antigua and Barbuda.

For further information on the Managers’ First Aid Kit, including receiving a free book sample, details about bulk purchases, speaking engagements and co-branding the book for your organisation, contact Joan H Underwood on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. Copies can also be purchased from and on Amazon.

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