Letter From The Editor – April 2023

written by BVC May 3, 2023
Letter From The Editor

Dear Readers,

With a view to upcoming business and government initiatives, Business View Caribbean took to the sealine shores of the dynamic Caribbean region. We dove into fascinating interviews for this month’s issue with organizations that proudly represent the beautiful islands.

With the goal of bringing you the latest in cutting-edge business savvy news in addition to a front-row seat into the plans that dynamic organizations across the Caribbean are implementing, we continue to keep our eye on key business developments.

The month of April is a breath of spring air for all those fortunate to live in the sun-drenched Caribbean Islands. It also marks the second financial quarter for many businesses throughout the region. This is a good time to take stock and evaluate business objectives that lie ahead.

Although business prospects remain impressive, supply chain issues still linger somewhat, impacting companies in different ways. Other pandemic-induced economic spin-offs continue to affect companies as well including skilled employee shortages. It is clear, however, that these ongoing challenges pale in comparison to the robust prospects the organizations we were fortunate to profile anticipate for the second half of 2023.

One thriving business, Easispice Manufacturers Ltd.  has capitalized on the past pandemic-induced slowdowns and used it as an opportunity to grow its business during that time and through to the spring of 2023. A leading spice company specializing in both traditional and new species indigenous to the region, the spice of life lies in its customer-oriented approach and plans to introduce a taste of the Caribbean to new markets.

From a view of the Caribbean business to an inside view into governmental initiatives, Business View had the opportunity to speak with officials from the Turks and Caicos Ports Authority on shipping-related issues and port infrastructure upgrades.

With peak tourist season right around the corner, we also sat down with the minds behind the Sun Coast Beach Club to talk about their amazing facilities and beautiful setting, providing the perfect backdrop to an enviable lifestyle.

As with every issue, my hope as editor is that our valued readers continue to learn something with every new article and come away with a positive business view and a nod to the unique and fascinating Caribbean region.


Karen Surca

Editor in Chief

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