Letter From The Editor – October 2020

written by BVC October 19, 2020
Letter From The Editor

Editor’s letter

Welcome to October and another month of the “new normal” – a now familiar phrase which holds a different meaning for each person, family, community, and industry. Surprisingly to some, even in the midst of COVID-19 and the 2020 hurricane season, there is much to be positive about and celebrate. In this issue of Business View Caribbean, we’re pleased to be sharing good news – compelling stories of resiliency, innovation, and people helping people.

In Jamaica, that attitude is exemplified by the North East Regional Health Authority. NERHA and its front line workers spend their days and nights caring for the physical and mental wellbeing of communities in the region. It’s a job that’s both rewarding and exhausting – to all involved, we just have to say a huge “thank you!”

Also a homegrown Jamaican entity, itelbpo has become globally recognized as a business process outsourcer and a major employer. But their mission extends beyond profit making to offering job opportunities and career growth for a talented workforce in countries with high unemployment rates. And actively supporting the communities where they operate.

The Construction Industry is showing remarkable growth throughout the Caribbean and we profile five outstanding companies that are bettering their regions and their people through a diverse array of businesses. Nassau, Bahamas is well represented by premier residential and commercial builders, Sagoma Construction International, and expert consultants in the property management field, International Constructions Managers Limited.

Grand Cayman has been well served for almost 75 years by The Flowers Group, a family legacy of excellence in manufacturing, aviation services, bottled water, real estate development… After a few months of COVID shutdown, the company reports that backlogged projects on the island are now coming down the pipeline and local construction is full speed ahead.

In Puerto Rico, another multi-generational family success story, Venegas Construction Corporation, has earned a fine reputation with projects in 16 industry sectors, including being a sought-after international disaster response provider. Meanwhile, in Trinidad & Tobago, everything old is new again thanks to Fides Limited. This firm of restoration specialists prides itself on taking historical buildings which have been left abandoned or in a serious state of disrepair and using innovative solutions to turn them into treasured community gems once again.

We hope this month’s edition of Business View Caribbean brings some welcome knowledge, entertainment, and insight. As economies gain strength and people band together to fight climate change and the coronavirus, looking ahead to a brighter future can pay great dividends. On that note, continue to stay safe, keep the wheels of innovation turning, and above all, be kind to each other.






Lorie Lee Steiner

Associate Editor

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