Spanish Town Hospital Gets 10 Refurbished Hemodialysis Machines

written by BVC October 11, 2022

Written By: Garfield L. Angus


The Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine has received 10 refurbished hemodialysis machines, valued over $28 million, from Florida-based entity – Renal Dynamics.

Hemodialysis machines filter wastes, salts, and fluid from the blood when the kidneys are no longer healthy enough to adequately perform this function. Hemodialysis is one way to treat advanced kidney failure and can help persons carry on active lives.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony at the hospital on Monday September 12, South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA) Chairman, Wentworth Charles, said he was delighted with the machines, as they mean improved healthcare for patients with kidney disease.

“The standard of care will be improved tremendously, and our patients will be better off. Our nursing staff, the doctors, and the ancillary workers will be in a better working environment, and they will be much more comfortable,” Mr. Charles said.

He noted that the Renal Dialysis Unit saw over 4,700 kidney patients between August 2021 and August 2022 and lauded the work of the staff.

Senior Medical Officer (SMO) at the hospital, Dr. Jacqueline Wright-James, expressed gratitude for the machines, while Chief Executive Officer, Jacqueline Ellis, lauded Renal Dynamics on its generosity, noting that the donation will enable the hospital to see more patients.

Technical Services Manager at Renal Dynamics, Chris Davenport, said the entity has had a longstanding connection with hospitals on the island. “We strive to maintain a special relationship with Jamaica and partner in health and care for patients,” he said.

Food for The Poor (FFP) paid for the shipment of the machines.


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