St Maarten Work Permits – Five things you need to know before you start

written by BVC February 25, 2022
St Maarten Work Permits

The current employment market globally is ever-changing and very dynamic. Statistics show that employers are sourcing skilled employees remotely, while many employees are also working remotely from many destinations. A great team in any successful organization is essential in today’s world. Finding problem-solving, decision making, skilled people, doesn’t just happen – it takes time, lots of interviews, and patience. Sometimes the perfect fit comes from a different country and employers will have to apply for a work visa or permit.

In Sint Maarten, bringing into your team a new member that doesn’t legally reside on the island requires a series of documentation from the employer and future employee. The law calls for certain steps that need to be synchronized in order to make it happen in a reasonable period of time.

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Here are five things you must know before applying for a work permit in St. Maarten. Yes, living in the Caribbean is possible by way of employment. However, it’s important to do thorough research and trust a team of professionals to guide you along the way.

  1. Verifiable Documents must be Readily Available

Diplomas and relevant skill certificates must be presented in original form for applying for a work permit in St. Maarten. Further, the documents must be validated by the issuing educational institution. If presenting copies, these must be notarized by a licensed notary in the country of origin.

  1. Work Experience must be Substantiated

Reference letters notarized in the country of origin must be obtained to verify the period of previous employment and state the applicant’s role and responsibilities.

  1. Stay Abroad During the Application Process

Unless the prospective employee holds Dutch or American (USA) citizenship, the applicant must await the decision for both work and residency permits while remaining abroad.

  1. Employers (not employees) are the Petitioner

The employer must request work permits. Moreover, evidence of tax compliance is a pre-requisite for all employers seeking to acquire a work permit as a foreign employee in St Maarten.

  1. Health Insurance is Mandatory

For application purposes, health insurance is now an up-front requirement. Therefore, employers must verify that their foreign employees hold a valid health insurance policy.

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