US Firm First to Provide Film and Broadcast Services in Cuba

written by BVC August 19, 2016

Cuba International Network (CIN) recently became the first US company authorized to set up shop in Cuba to provide equipment and personnel there to support the production of broadcasting, television, and filming of video content for consumption in the US and international markets.

This first-of-its-kind service brings vital film and broadcasting capability and services to Cuba with the same standards found in the US. In collaboration with local partners, CIN provides facilities, services, and security for people and equipment in Cuba. From a multi-camera, mobile broadcast unit to approvals, rights assistance, and logistics measures, CIN supports any size production in virtually any location in the island nation and in the region.

“Cuba’s potential as a film and broadcasting destination is among the most exciting in the world today, yet the challenge is being capable on the ground in Cuba. That’s the problem we solve for our clients,” says Barry Pasternak, CIN’s CEO.

The Emmy award winner has trekked the globe bringing broadcast and film projects to fruition under time and resource constraints. A recent project involved providing the technical capability to broadcast the X-Games in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, for his client, ESPN. The CIN team has worked with virtually all the major players in the global TV and broadcasting industry.

“Cuba adds a whole new dimension for the film and broadcast industry to deliver authentic content from a country undergoing an exciting cultural and economic transition in a tropical location,” Pasternak said.

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