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written by BVC April 30, 2024

Do It Center Dominica

Dominica’s Blueprint for Growth and InnovationS


Spearheading the transformation of the island’s infrastructure and economy through strategic expansion and community-focused initiatives.

Do It Center Dominica (DIC), spearheaded by notable local entrepreneur Karl Nassief, is a hallmark of resilience and progress in the island’s home improvement sector. Opening its doors in November 2018, DIC swiftly became a pivotal establishment in Dominica, driven by a mission to redefine hardware shopping and lumber supply for DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors. Situated strategically on Goodwill Road, Roseau, in a structure that Hurricane Maria heavily impacted, DIC embodies a fresh start with a commitment to substantial community support in the ongoing rebuilding efforts.

Under the astute management of general manager Evadney Esprit, DIC offers an extensive array of products, from essential building materials to sophisticated home decor, aiming to cater to a diverse customer base that includes many contractors. The company is a single-location entity, but its affiliation with the Nassief Group of Companies provides a robust foundation for future expansion. The dedication to exceptional customer service, comprehensive staff training, and community engagement are central to DIC’s operational philosophy.

Furthermore, as a partner of the U.S.-based Do It Best Corporation, DIC benefits from substantial training and resource management support, which has been crucial in its establishment and ongoing success. This partnership not only facilitates a streamlined supply chain from international markets but also enhances the store’s product offerings and operational efficiencies, ensuring that DIC remains at the forefront of the home improvement industry in Dominica.

A Hub for Resilience and Recovery

In the years following Hurricane Maria’s devastation, Dominica has seen a remarkable transformation, driven by a nationwide effort to rebuild and fortify its infrastructure. At the heart of this monumental task is the Do It Center Dominica, which plays a crucial role in supplying materials and support for the island’s reconstruction. The store provides essential resources and aligns with the government’s vision to foster a climate-resilient nation.

General manager Esprit explains: “Overall, we have come an exceptionally long way. Almost all damaged houses have been repaired, and the vegetation is back to where it was before. The island looks good now. If you didn’t know a hurricane devastated us in 2017, just looking at the island now, you would not know. The road network is back to how it was, and we are recovering nicely from the hurricane.”

This progress is not just a restoration to previous standards but an upgrade. Esprit is keen to emphasize that the improvements extend beyond mere aesthetics. “The government has called Dominica to be the first climate-resilient nation in the world,” she notes. “We are working towards adding hurricane-rated windows to our portfolio to help support climate-change-aware constructions.”

With a focus on innovation and resilience, the Do It Center is at the forefront of the island’s efforts to prevent future catastrophes. The company’s strategy involves rebuilding what was lost and enhancing the structures to withstand potential future storms. This approach indicates a broader shift in how Dominica addresses infrastructure—moving from reactive recovery to proactive fortification.

Cultivating Resilience Through Commerce

In the bustling heart of Dominica’s economic revival, Do It Center Dominica meets the demand for construction materials and champions a workplace culture that fosters loyalty and growth. This dedication to commerce and community has positioned the company as a cornerstone in the island’s ongoing efforts to rebuild and fortify against future adversities.

Esprit proudly shares that Do It Center Dominica now employs seventy-two individuals, most of whom have been with the company since its inception. “Around ninety percent of employees who joined when the store opened are still with us,” she says, attributing this remarkable retention rate to the nurturing, family-like atmosphere cultivated at the workplace. “We are creating a culture where employees will want to continue working with us, and even from the outside, people would want to work here.”

As the island’s reconstruction continues, the demand for building supplies remains strong, catalyzing the store’s expansion and making it a desirable workplace for locals. The extensive inventory includes houseware, plumbing, heating, power tools, electrical supplies, paint, lawn care products, millwork, and lumber, catering to a diverse clientele. Esprit elaborates on the flexibility and customer-focused services that enhance their market appeal. “When we do not have certain items in inventory, we special order them to keep your project going. We also have an in-store Pro-Desk Coordinator – a dedicated team member that contractors can call to place their order and inquire about product availability.”

In addition to customer benefits, Do It Center Dominica offers store accounts, a loyalty program, discounts on purchases, and accommodating payment terms for large purchases. These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to support and stimulate local economic activity.

The store’s clientele primarily includes residential builders and the hospitality industry, both experiencing significant growth. “One of the significant constructions currently underway is that of the 99-room Tranquility Beach Resort – Curio – A Collection by Hilton,” Esprit details, indicating the scale of ongoing projects. “It is a major development by renowned Owner-Developer Ian ‘Sugar George’ Edwards,” she adds, citing the project as an example of the robust development in the region.

Furthermore, Do It Center Dominica plays a pivotal role in governmental efforts like the Housing Recovery Project, which aims to restore residential properties while integrating storm resilience measures. This multifaceted approach supports immediate construction needs and contributes to the long-term sustainability and safety of the island’s infrastructure.

Though most of the store’s inventory is sourced from the United States, additional supplies are procured from China, Europe, and the UK, ensuring a wide range of options for their diverse projects and clientele. This international sourcing strategy underlines Do It Center Dominica’s efforts to provide high-quality products that meet the varied needs of its customers while supporting the island’s comprehensive rebuilding and resilience efforts.


New Challenges and Opportunities

Do It Center Dominica has proactively adapted to the evolving market conditions in the rapidly changing global landscape marked by pandemic-related disruptions. Its management’s resilience and strategic foresight have been crucial in steering through the complexities of international supply chains and seizing growth opportunities within the booming local construction sector.

Esprit candidly discusses the challenges of extended lead times and the risk of inventory shortages. “The long lead times, not having goods readily available—these are worrisome,” she admits. “We must plan purchasing activities carefully to avoid running out of products. For example, depending on the shipping schedule, it takes 75 to 90 days to get a shipment from China, so there is a risk that we could run out of products if we do not make contingency plans.” This strategic approach has been essential in maintaining a steady flow of materials critical for ongoing and new construction projects.

To mitigate these challenges, Do It Center Dominica capitalizes on its expansive 45,000-square-foot headquarters, which includes a retail shop floor and a warehouse. This facility allows the company to store substantial inventories of lumber, steel, roofing materials, and other crucial supplies. Esprit highlights the benefit of such a setup, which ensures that even during global supply chain disruptions, they remain a reliable source of construction materials.

While the store has traditionally relied on walk-in and referral business, bolstering its robust growth with minimal marketing expenditure, Esprit reveals a shift towards digital engagement. “The company is gradually exploring online marketing by building social media awareness, complementing its current radio ads,” she explains, indicating a strategic pivot to embrace more modern marketing avenues.

This is complemented by the launch of an online store in August 2020, a timely move designed to accommodate the challenges posed by the pandemic. “Although as a hardware store we were considered essential, we opened the online store to accommodate the limited hours of operation we had and those customers who wished to order without coming to the store,” Esprit elaborates on this adaptive strategy.

Affiliating with a prominent local conglomerate has also provided Do It Center Dominica significant advantages, from financing to network access, facilitating rapid growth and expansion plans. “Do It Center Dominica has been fortunate to have the support of our parent company, which has made it easier to snowball compared to other companies currently facing capital constraints,” Esprit notes.

A Future of Growth and Leadership

As Dominica continues to rebuild and enhance its infrastructure, Do It Center Dominica strategically positions itself to play a pivotal role in this transformation. The company’s commitment to expanding its services and improving customer satisfaction is guided by a clear vision of its future, making it a vital player in the island’s economic and structural development.

Esprit, who actively participates in shaping local economic policies as a board member of the Dominican Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC), emphasizes the company’s influential role. “The entire construction fraternity has a critical role in securing the country’s infrastructure future, and Do It Center Dominica has its work cut out for it,” she states, highlighting the broad implications of their operations.

Looking forward, Esprit envisions a robust expansion for Do It Center Dominica. “Five years from now, we expect Do It Center Dominica to continue here. I see us having more employees based on our growth plan and will have new product offerings,” she shares, outlining the company’s strategy for scaling operations. Notably, introducing new services is a crucial aspect of the growth strategy. “Right now, we do not have a delivery service, so we are working on that before this year is over,” she reveals, indicating upcoming enhancements that will improve customer accessibility and convenience.

Esprit concludes with an optimistic outlook on the company’s direction: “We are looking at many areas we can improve to better serve the customers and position the company for greater success in the future.” This statement shows the ongoing promise of excellence and customer satisfaction. It positions Do It Center Dominica as a forward-thinking leader ready to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving hardware market in Dominica.


Do It Center Dominica

What: Leading hardware and building materials supplier

Where: Goodwill Road, Roseau, Dominica



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