Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

written by BVC March 29, 2024

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Exceptional Hospitality in the Heart of the Caribbean


Offering exceptional guest experiences with its strategic innovations, local partnerships, and a keen eye on the future of travel.

Nestled on the sun-kissed shores of one of the Caribbean’s most beloved islands, the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba has become a cherished destination for travelers seeking the quintessential beach getaway. With a history spanning over half a century under the same name and brand, this beachfront property has cultivated a loyal following, offering guests a sense of continuity and reliability that is rare in the ever-changing hospitality landscape.

Ella Bencosme, the resort’s Marketing and PR Coordinator, highlights the resort’s unique appeal, “We are a beachfront property. We have been on the island with the same name and brand for over 50 years. So, we have many repeat guests.” This sense of continuity, Bencosme notes, assures guests that “we are going to be here still, that their loyalty can stay with us.”

The Holiday Inn Resort Aruba boasts over five hundred rooms catering to every guest’s preference. “We count 590 rooms divided into three towers. Each tower has about 200 rooms,” Bencosme explains, detailing the accommodation options ranging from oceanfront to more economical standard view rooms. The resort’s flexible meal plans, including room only, room and breakfast, and all-inclusive options, allow guests to tailor their stay to their needs. Moreover, families find particular value in the policy that children under 12 eat and stay free when sharing a room with their parents, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.

Under the Holiday Inn franchise’s umbrella, the resort strongly emphasizes maintaining the brand’s reputable standards, which Bencosme believes is crucial given the familiarity and trust it engenders among guests. “The fact that Aruba is, as an island, so safe and so inviting, many families can come and enjoy themselves,” she adds, pointing out the added appeal of Aruba’s safe and welcoming environment, which, coupled with the resort’s family-friendly offerings, ensures a memorable vacation experience.

The resort’s array of activities and amenities further enriches the guest experience. There’s plenty of entertainment, from morning yoga and Pilates sessions to aqua volleyball and bingo. “We have a kids club, complimentary bike rentals, aqua aerobics, and a gym,” Bencosme shares, emphasizing the resort’s commitment to providing diverse activities that cater to all ages and interests. Including three pools, one featuring a zero-entry ideal for children and three hot tubs, ensures that relaxation and recreation are always within reach.


A Seamless Blend of Leisure and Adventure

In the heart of the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba lies a fascinating synergy between leisure activities and guest services, underscored by a partnership with external vendors that enriches the vacation experience. This collaboration extends beyond the resort’s boundaries, offering guests a comprehensive array of experiences that capture the essence of Aruba’s natural beauty and the resort’s commitment to convenience and enjoyment.

Bencosme elaborates on the nuanced relationship between the resort and its in-house casino, managed by an external party yet integral to the resort’s landscape. “A third party manages the casino,” she clarifies, indicating a strategic alliance that enhances the guest experience. This arrangement allows for seamless integration of entertainment options, where “the casino can be used by anybody – guests and also people on the island.”

Expanding the scope of leisure pursuits, Bencosme touches upon the partnership with Pelican Adventures, a local operator offering many aquatic activities. “We work with Pelican Adventures, who have different activities on the beach and the sea,” she notes, detailing the diverse options available, from serene sunset sails to engaging sea adventures. This collaboration broadens the horizon of activities for guests and offers them a special incentive: “People that have the all-inclusive plan get 25% off with the Pelican Adventures.” A customer service area within the resort for Pelican Adventures helps facilitate memorable experiences for guests, allowing them to book and enjoy activities on the water quickly.

The Resort’s Adaptive Strategies

As the world of travel and tourism continues to evolve, the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba continues to adapt to meet and exceed the expectations of its guests. This adaptability is not solely a response to the shifting sands of guest preferences but a proactive approach to harnessing the potential of these trends to offer more personalized and meaningful experiences.

Bencosme sheds light on the resort’s collaborative efforts with local tourism authorities. This partnership serves as a vital conduit for understanding and integrating into the broader tourism strategy of the island. “We work with local tourism authorities, which helps a lot because they give us a scope of what is happening on the island,” she explains. This collaboration provides the resort with invaluable insights into current trends and guest expectations, enabling it to tailor its offerings effectively.

The trend towards personalized experiences is highlighted as a significant shift in guest preferences. Bencosme observes, “People are lately looking more into personalized experiences. It’s not only that we have something for everybody, but also something for you.” This desire for customization has been particularly evident in the increase in weddings at the resort, where couples seek the flexibility to tailor their special day to their unique preferences.

On the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel behaviors and the resort’s performance, Bencosme notes a positive trajectory in bookings, reservations, and revenue, attributing this growth to a combination of the resort’s sales efforts and a broader societal realization brought about by the pandemic. “We have seen an increase. And I think, besides the efforts, COVID put life into perspective for many. Now people think, ‘Life is only one, and I don’t want to leave this world without doing what I wanted to do,’” she reflects. The pandemic has inspired many to prioritize travel and experiences they’ve longed for.

In response to this increased wanderlust, the resort is not resting on its laurels but actively seeking to expand its market reach. “We are looking into new markets also. We have always been stronger in the United States market, but we have seen an increase of interest in the Latin American market, for example,” Bencosme reveals. This strategic pivot is about broadening the resort’s guest base and capitalizing on the universal desire to travel post-pandemic, a sentiment that has grown significantly in various regions, including Latin America.

Cultivating Distinction in a Competitive Landscape

The Holiday Inn Resort Aruba has carved a unique niche for itself in the bustling tourism sector of Aruba. This distinction is due to its strategic location and offerings and its ability to adapt to the changing dynamics of tourism and guest expectations. As Bencosme discusses the resort’s approach to standing out within the Holiday Inn franchise and its broader strategies for growth and adaptation, it’s clear that innovation and local engagement are at the heart of their operations.

She begins by addressing the magnetic allure of Aruba itself, emphasizing the island’s perennially sunny weather and safety, which naturally draw tourists year-round. “Our weather is great all year round without rain. It’s also a very safe island. So, people can come here freely,” she notes, underscoring the foundational attractions that make Aruba a preferred destination. Thanks to a multilingual staff, the resort’s ability to communicate across cultures further enhances its appeal to a global clientele.


Regarding infrastructure and future planning, Bencosme is candid about the resort’s current stance. “Right now, we don’t have any major projects in the books,” she states, highlighting a focus on maintaining and subtly upgrading the existing facilities rather than undertaking expansive capital projects. This strategy reflects a careful approach to growth, ensuring that any enhancements are meaningful and directly beneficial to the guest experience.

Addressing the perception of the Holiday Inn brand, Bencosme acknowledges the challenge of differentiating their resort from the more comprehensive network. “We do have to make a difference sometimes because what people know of the Holiday Inn is that typical resort you stay at when your flight leaves you. And that’s not what we are,” she explains. This differentiation is crucial in repositioning the resort as a destination that offers more than just convenience but a premium waterfront experience that exceeds typical expectations associated with the brand.

On the workforce front, Bencosme reveals that the resort has navigated the labor challenges post-COVID more smoothly than most, owing to minimal layoffs and a strong culture of employee retention. “We didn’t have as many layoffs as most places during COVID, so most people stayed working with us,” she shares, highlighting the resort’s commitment to its staff through incentive models and a general passion among employees for their roles.

Hiring locally is also vital to the resort’s operations, driven by practical and cultural considerations. “Since we have so many languages that we speak here, it is difficult to find someone that is not local that can speak them all,” Bencosme remarks, pointing to the linguistic diversity of Aruba as a unique challenge and asset in delivering exceptional guest services.

Looking to the future and the resort’s strategic direction, Bencosme is enthusiastic about tapping into the Latin American market, spurred by new direct flight connections to the island. “Growing more into the Latin American market…creating offers and putting ourselves on the map,” she outlines priorities for the coming year, signaling a targeted approach to expanding the resort’s guest base.

The introduction of a Mexican restaurant, Agave, and an ice cream shop, Gelato da Paseo, are recent ventures that Bencosme is proud of, indicating a continuous effort to enhance the on-site dining experience and cater to diverse guest preferences.

As the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba looks ahead, its focus on leveraging Aruba’s natural attractions, maintaining high standards of guest service, differentiating within the global brand, and exploring new market opportunities underlines a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to hospitality. With these strategies, the resort aims to sustain its current success and expand its appeal to a broader audience, ensuring its place as a premier destination in the Caribbean.

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Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

What: A premier beachfront property offering a unique blend of local charm and international standards of hospitality.

Where: Aruba



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