Letter From The Editor – January 2021

written by BVC January 17, 2021
Letter From The Editor

Editor’s letter

Happy New Year!

It’s official, 2021 is here… time to put the past in the past and start with a fresh perspective. Easier said than done? Perhaps. It’s so tempting to imagine the economic and emotional turmoil of the last 12 months simply vanishing with the turn of a calendar page. In truth, we’re not out of the woods yet, but there is certainly much to be positive about. And valuable lessons learned during the pandemic are fuelling growth and optimism for the future.

In the last few weeks, I’ve spoken with a wealth of business executives, association representatives, and entrepreneurs throughout the Caribbean and recognized a common thread coming through our conversations. Let’s call it the “silver lining legacy” of 2020. The feeling across the board that good things have emerged from the chaos – surprising growth has occurred in manufacturing, logistics, ecommerce, technology, financial, healthcare, and construction sectors. The pivot to virtual meetings and a remote workforce hasn’t slowed business down; in many cases it has created efficiencies, cost-savings, better communication, and consumer confidence that, yes, we are able to adapt and conquer. And for every small business that’s struggling, there are others who are stepping up and asking, “How can we help?”

It’s so rewarding for us at Business View Caribbean to be able to share those tales of teamwork and tenacity. Of empathy, creativity, and just plain hard work. In this January edition, we shine the spotlight on Bahamas Builders and Development. Now in its third generation of excellence, this thriving, Nassau-based family business is proof positive that great things often come from humble beginnings. Today, 65 years after Daniel Premock started his roofing business, Bahamas Builders carries on its fine family tradition of integrity and is known throughout the country for high-end custom home renovations, exceptional architectural design, and an untarnished reputation for quality and commitment to client satisfaction.

And then, because life isn’t about all work and no play, we explore a fabulous Jamaican gaming destination. Treasure Hunt is a pirate wonderland near the captivating coast of Montego Bay, with the most exciting casino floor in Jamaica! With health and safety top of mind, the Treasure Hunt Gaming team is looking forward to an exciting calendar year of events in 2021, once the current pandemic subsides. Meantime, they have set the stage to launch their online betting site soon, so people can safely enjoy gaming from the comfort of home, or wherever they happen to be.

So, as we head into this new year, let’s not be afraid to embrace the wisdom of uncertainty. By all means have a well-conceived strategy, a focus, a plan but when the inevitable stumbling blocks appear on the path, we know now that there will be a silver lining and we aren’t alone on the journey.

Be well my friends, and enjoy the read.






Lorie Lee Steiner

Editor in Chief

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