Radisson Grenada Beach Resort – Grand Anse Beach, St. George’s, Grenada

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Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Inside a Transformative Hospitality Journey


Blending Caribbean charm with modern luxury through strategic p

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort, nestled along the acclaimed Grand Anse Beach, presents a unique blend of Caribbean charm and contemporary comfort. With 229 rooms sprawling over 20 acres of verdant landscape, the resort offers guests an inviting retreat marked by its picturesque beach access and lush, well-maintained gardens. The resort’s location is more than just advantageous—it’s integral to its identity, placing it at the heart of one of the world’s most celebrated beaches.

“We are located in the middle of probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world,” says Peter David Reeves, the General Manager. “Grand Anse Beach, which is about two kilometers long, has been voted in the top five beaches in the world many times. We consider ourselves the best-located resort on the island of Grenada.”

Reeves emphasizes the resort’s unique offering: a perfect blend of scenic beauty and accessible amenities. “Our fence borders the sandy beach to our property. So you walk through the gates, and you’re onto the beach,” he notes. This seamless transition from resort to shore is a feature that makes the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort a standout choice for travelers.

From the moment guests arrive, they are enveloped in a warm and inviting atmosphere. A scenic drive up a 300-meter-long driveway, flanked by tennis courts, leads to a covered entrance. “Our bellmen are ready to assist with your luggage, ensuring a hassle-free check-in,” Reeves shares. “You can choose to check in at one of our counters or be greeted with a refreshing cold drink, a small gesture to start your stay on a high note.”

The resort exudes a casual, friendly atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a relaxed Caribbean escape. “We do not market ourselves as a luxury resort because we’re not,” Reeves admits candidly. “We are a four-star resort but offer an amiable atmosphere. It’s very casual, very typically Caribbean.”


Transitioning Leadership in Hospitality

Reeves brings a fresh yet seasoned perspective, having transitioned from a distinguished career in cruise ship hospitality to managing a high-profile resort. This shift in leadership is both a challenge and an opportunity for the resort as it navigates the unique demands of land-based hospitality while striving to uphold the esteemed Radisson brand under the Choice Hotels umbrella.

“I’m coming to terms with all that because I’m a hospitality professional, but I’ve come from cruise ships for the last 35 years,” he explains. Despite being new to resort management, Reeves is not new to the rigors of the hospitality sector. His extensive experience on cruise ships, where long hours and a focus on service are the norms, equips him with a unique skill set that he is eager to adapt to his new role. “On cruise ships, we work extremely hard, especially where you have long days, and there’s no such thing as a day off,” he says. ” I’m used to that, but it’s slightly different here. I’m trying to bring the values of integrity, hard work, and mindset here.”

Having been raised on the island, Reeves also brings a deep personal connection to Grenada. This local knowledge and his international experience, positions him to bridge the gap between global standards and local culture. “I know Grenada like the back of my hand. I have the knowledge, the groundwork. I knew what I was getting into when I signed the contract.”

The Role of Tourism and Radisson’s Impact

Reeves is committed to promoting Grenada as a prime tourist destination. “We have the slogan in Grenada called Pure Grenada, and I still think it represents the Caribbean of bygone eras,” he asserts. The island’s charm lies in its low-rise buildings and pristine environment, which are increasingly rare in modern tourist destinations. “We don’t have that many high-rise buildings. We don’t have any, to be honest,” he says. However, this is beginning to change with new projects being granted permission to build higher structures.

The scarcity of hotel rooms on the island poses a challenge during major events. “We do struggle when big events are hosted in Grenada, like athletics and other symposiums and forums,” Reeves admits. “When we get lots of visits from other islands, we struggle to find rooms simply because there are not enough hotels on the island.”

Despite these challenges, the demand for more accommodation is apparent, and the ownership of Radisson Grenada Beach Resort is keen to capitalize on this. “The market is there, and I think down the road, I know the ownership of this resort wants to increase the capacity,” Reeves notes. “I don’t know what we’re going to be like at the end, but from 229 rooms, I know the owner wants to go up a bit. That’ll be down the road somewhat. This is not around the corner.”

Collaborations and Challenges in Grenada’s Tourism Sector

At the heart of Grenada’s tourism boom, the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort thrives through its offerings and working within a broader ecosystem of tourism stakeholders. Reeves explains the resort’s strategic positioning and collaborative efforts while addressing the unique challenges faced in this competitive industry.

“I think Grenada sells itself,” he notes confidently. “The Grenada Tourist Authority does an outstanding job on their own. We’re not affiliated with them, but we do events collectively.” He highlights the significant role of the tourist authority’s new chairperson in boosting tourism numbers over the past year. This collective effort has increased tourist arrivals, benefiting the island’s hospitality sector.

Reeves also emphasizes the importance of the resort’s conference facilities in maintaining a steady flow of visitors. “We have a large conference center that holds about 500, which is quite large for Grenada, so we’re very busy with conventions,” he says. This unique advantage positions the resort as a hub for business travelers and significant events, ensuring consistent occupancy even during the island’s low seasons. “When other hotels are experiencing a lull, we will not necessarily be experiencing the same. It’s all about peaks and troughs, and a lot of conference business also takes hotel rooms.”

Solving Labor Challenges

Reeves candidly discusses the resort’s labor challenges, particularly in sourcing qualified hospitality professionals. “What we’re facing and have faced for a long time is the ability to source qualified hospitality professionals,” he admits. This issue is not unique to Grenada but is part of a more significant global trend across the hospitality industry.

“Traditionally, even across the US, working in hospitality has been seen as a quick fix,” Reeves explains. “Waiters will get a summer job just to make some money to get them over that period. Then they go back to school or move on to something else.” This perception leads to high turnover rates and challenges establishing a stable, experienced workforce.

The resort’s approach to addressing this challenge focuses on attitude and training. “We look for attitude more than anything else because skills we can teach. Attitude is a lot more difficult to instill and teach,” Reeves emphasizes. This strategy aligns with the natural disposition of Grenadians, known for being friendly, polite, and hospitable. “Coming into the hospitality sector is ideal, but we still find a lot of rough diamonds,” he adds.

However, Reeves remains optimistic and committed to developing local talent. By emphasizing training and professional growth, the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort aims to create a workforce that meets and exceeds guest expectations. This focus on human capital is part of a broader vision to elevate the overall guest experience and solidify the resort’s reputation as a premier destination in the Caribbean.


Key Partnerships and Local Ties

Reeves emphasizes the critical role of key partnerships in driving the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort’s success. These collaborations are pivotal in maintaining a steady flow of tourists to the island.

“We work closely with airlines like JetBlue and British Airways Holidays,” he states. “We have a contract with them, and Air Canada is also coming down from Canada.” These airlines are instrumental in bringing in most of the resort’s guests, ensuring a constant influx of visitors from key markets. Regarding transportation logistics, the resort relies on a company called Caribconex to ship containers that bring essential supplies. “We get about two containers every six weeks. Tropical ships everything down for us and other local businesses, too,” he notes.

The resort also strongly emphasizes supporting local vendors and integrating local produce into its operations. This approach enhances the guest experience and strengthens the resort’s ties with the community.

“We consider ourselves a neighborhood hotel,” Reeves explains. “It’s a blend of the food items. We ship containers from the US, but we support many local industries. All our juices are fresh fruit juices on the buffet at breakfast, and all the fresh vegetables are local.” This commitment extends beyond food to maintenance and staffing, with local vendors playing a crucial role in the resort’s daily operations.

Transformative Renovations Ahead

The Radisson Grenada Beach Resort is on the cusp of significant transformations as it prepares to transition to the Radisson Blu brand. The resort has a storied history, evolving from its origins as a Holiday Inn in the late 1960s and 1970s to its current incarnation. “The resort has undergone some changes over the years,” Reeves acknowledges. This upcoming renovation marks another chapter in its ongoing story, promising to blend its rich past with a fresh, modern future.

“The main priority is the substantial renovations to rebrand to Radisson Blu,” he affirms. The process, however, is not without its challenges. “These things do take time. We are behind schedule. We had hoped to start at least doing something in May, but here we are in the third week of May and haven’t begun.”

Despite the delays, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the renovations. “I just can’t wait to be working in that environment, to have the beautiful fixtures and planned things,” Reeves shares. The vision for the revamped resort includes modern, sophisticated designs that promise to enhance both aesthetic appeal and functionality. “We’re still waiting for the final sign-off by the ownership, so the actual outcome remains to be seen. But it’s exhilarating, and I think we’re all very eager to get going.”

The transformation into Radisson Blu represents more than just a rebranding; it signifies a comprehensive upgrade aimed at offering guests an elevated experience. As the resort embarks on this journey, the combination of strategic partnerships, local engagement, and ambitious renovation plans accentuates its commitment to maintaining its position as a premier destination in Grenada.

artnerships and ambitious renovations.


Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

What: A premier beachfront resort undergoing a significant transformation

Where: Grand Anse Beach, St. George’s, Grenada

Website: https://www.choicehotels.com/grenada/st-georges/radisson-hotels/gd002


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