Dominica’s Health Minister Highlights Addressing NCDs At World Health Assembly

written by BVC July 11, 2023

******SOURCE-,news editor, First Published May 31, 2023

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the arch-enemy of development and the world should execute swift responses to combat its threats to health.

This is according to Dominica’s health minister Cassanni Laville, who attended the 76th Annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland under the theme: “WHO at 75: Saving lives, driving health for all.”

Laville said that NCDs “continue to pose a direct threat to socioeconomic development” and may even become an emerging global health threat. NCDs are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, the Pan American Health Organization said.

“We commit to resetting our healthcare system with more focus on primary and integrated healthcare to better address emerging realities,” Laville said. “NCDs continue to take prominence, claiming 41 million lives annually, compared to almost 7 million deaths in total from the entire Covid-19 Pandemic.”

“If NCDs are not the arch-enemy, then I do not know what is. We must execute swift and united responses,” he added.

Dominica, like all the other regional and international countries, is facing the challenge of the increasing numbers of NCDs, which include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and mental disorders.

The island was also recently recognized by Global Climate & Health Alliance (GCHA) as one of the countries in the world to have prioritized health in line with its climate commitment.

Its government has been rolling out projects to build a robust, equitable, and modern healthcare system, starting with better infrastructure across the island. Twelve health and wellness centers in Ansé De Mai, Bagatelle, Bellevue Chopin, Colihaut, Georgetown, Mahaut, Marigot, Newtown, Penville, Sourfriere, Vieille Case, and Wesley were built to cater for primary health needs.

Developed by MMC Development Ltd., each structure was built using a reinforced concrete structure with impact-resistant windows. Likewise, finishings and outfitting follow international standards.

“We were mandated to develop health centers that can withstand forces of nature just like our housing projects,” said MMC Development Ltd. CEO Anthony Haiden.

These projects are funded by Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, one of the longest programs on second citizenships in the world.

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