Executive View March 2019

written by BVC March 15, 2019
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As we move right along here in 2019, normalcy seems to be the path that we’re back to traveling. As a community, the Caribbean has been emotionally and economically recovering from the hurricanes of 2017. For those directly affected, it’s been a challenging road. As for those affected indirectly, it’s been an emotional experience, feeling for the plight and struggle of a close family member; in many cases, sending resources, and also lessening the burdens of trade between those who were affected that are doing businesses with those who are their customers or vendors.

Unfortunately, it often takes tragic and catastrophic circumstances that cause us to come together as a family, and to realize just how compassionate, considerate, empathetic, and closely related we all are. We are all in this together, and no matter how competitive, or how ambitious we might be, we don’t want to see anyone hurt or bankrupt as a result of circumstances such as those that occurred in 2017.

That said, I’m so proud of all that I see when looking at the resilience of the Caribbean. As a magazine, dedicated to making sure that our businesses continue to thrive in all areas, at all times, we’ve had a front row seat in viewing the recovery efforts of those countries most directly affected and the proactive measures that leadership has provided to aid in those areas that have hurt most, while implementing legislation and initiatives that safeguard the country from encountering the same failures. It’s a reminder that our failures build the bridges for excellence; that without pain, we would not impart remedies to shield it in the future.

I’m sure we would be a much better world, if tumultuous times, catastrophic situations, and/or any other imperfect conditions were to ever occur. However, seeing as though we don’t live in Fantasyland (although, the Caribbean, as a whole, is closer than most), we have to be wise enough to embrace these situations as opportunities to learn and grow. It is the primary reason that we, as a civilization, exist today. We have been able to turn tragedies into triumphs, and obstacles into navigational road maps. It is why we are better off today than we were eighteen months ago. The future of the Caribbean is brighter than ever, simply because we have been able to learn from the undesirable events of yesterday.

Business View Caribbean is home to more than 44,000 senior level executives within the Caribbean. We’ve learned that some of the brightest minds of our time and area are subscribers and avid readers of our magazine. For that reason, I want to take this moment to applaud all of you for the leadership, guidance, and economic development that you have provided the region, in this life and for generations to come. Bigger, better, forward, and beyond!

Until next time, plan, build, and continue to prosper!

Andre Barefield

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