Letter From The Editor – January 2023

written by BVC January 31, 2023
Letter From The Editor

The new year has officially begun and businesses across the beautiful Caribbean Islands are gearing up for what is slated to be a productive, exciting, and likely profitable new financial quarter.

With the holidays in the rearview mirror, the view ahead is one filled with sunny skies and clear sailing for many businesses. Concerns surrounding prolonged supply chain issues and employment shortages within the skilled trades and other sectors have begun to become less of a worry and businesses both large and small are set to put into action their business plans unhindered by the dark clouds of the pandemic.

For one such business, The Cayuga Collection, a luxury hotel group geared towards sustainability in both service and client offerings, the bright skies of the Caribbean mirror the bright prospects the hotel group holds for 2023. Business View Caribbean had the privilege of profiling The Cayuga Collection for our New year edition and learned about the exciting initiatives slated for the new year and beyond.

With five-star amenities second to none and an eye for using sustainable methods as part of its hospitality efforts, The Cayuga Collections’ success is a shining example of the rebound in the tourist industry that the Caribbean is renowned for. With tourist numbers near capacity and packages catered to suit a range of travelers, the hotel group is seizing the upward trend in the Caribbean hospitality sector.

At Business View Caribbean, we are always cognizant of the great business potential and thriving success stories coming out of this desirable region and look forward to profiling many of these companies in sectors ranging from the service and hospitality industry to leading Caribbean-based developers and companies devoted to providing renewable energy solutions to residents based in the islands.

Although the Caribbean has faced its share of challenges, as we move beyond the last few years plagued by pandemic concerns, we have found that the businesses that we have been fortunate to highlight in our publication have used these challenges to their advantage and applied lessons learned to future business initiatives.

This ingenuity, forward-thinking approach, resilience, and determination are qualities that shine as brightly as the Caribbean skies which we hope to harness in the stories we bring to our valued readers every month.

From us to all of our valued readers, we would also like to wish you the most prosperous new year filled with health, new prospects, and an exciting journey ahead.


Karen Surca

Editor in Chief

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