Letter From The Editor – November-December 2022

written by BVC November 28, 2022
Letter From The Editor

It wasn’t that long ago that many people were shaking their heads in disbelief at how quickly the world could shut down amid one of the most far-reaching pandemics we have witnessed in our lifetimes.

As restrictions were imposed in various sectors, companies around the Caribbean scrambled to remote working models and adapted as best they could. Fast-forward to this fall and we are now witnessing a rebounding in many sectors that is in many instances seeing company numbers surpassing 2019 levels.

Always a resilient area of the world regardless of what is thrown its way, the Caribbean is proving once again that with the right mix of determination and creativity, this region is heading in the right economic direction.

As an example of such ingenuity, we had the opportunity to interview executives from AmForce, a family-run security business that is outstripping its competition and delivering safety measures second to none for its valued clients. Working with both private clients and local law enforcement, AmForce is putting safety first while offering a first-rate customer experience.

From security to tourism, the Caribbean is firmly looking to the future. For tourists eager for a little taste of island life, Hermitage Bay Resort does not disappoint. We had the chance to speak with the GM of this very popular resort and discover that its secret to success is its focus on providing a calming, quiet, remote Caribbean beach experience that puts the guest at ease. With beautiful amenities and a local flair, Hermitage Bay is enjoying a rebounding in tourist numbers that is surpassing its pre-pandemic levels.

Business View Caribbean also spoke with Laparkan Barbados Limited, a leading shipping, and logistics company that has been an expert in navigating both sea and air transport as well as the wave of the pandemic to come out on top. Facilitating the delivery of both personal items overseas and commercial products, Laparkan has utilized its vast experience and emerging technology to broaden its client experience.

If there is one thing that I would hope that you take away from reading this issue of Business View Caribbean, it would undoubtedly be the knowledge that by pivoting to meet new realities, companies of any size can choose to swim the course, rather than sink among the challenges.


Karen Surca

Editor in Chief

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