Letter From The Editor – October-November 2022

written by BVC November 2, 2022
Letter From The Editor

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to introduce myself to our valued readers. Recently, I have taken over the helm of the ever-popular and informative Business View publications including Business View Caribbean. I view this opportunity as a great privilege and not one to be taken lightly.

Being in the fortunate position of bringing informative, well-researched, and exciting features to our valued reading audience is a joy that I hope you will share with me as we take our journey together.

As the fall leaves begin to change color and the nights grow shorter, many of us are turning to inside activities and are also looking forward to the wonders of festivities including Halloween and the fast-approaching Christmas season. With the height of COVID for the most part in our rearview mirrors, we can finally start to plan out time with our family and loved ones and revel in whatever activities are planned in our local communities to celebrate these long-loved holiday traditions.

While celebrating time with loved ones is welcome news for many, coupled with the lifting of restrictions throughout the Caribbean and around the globe, it can not be denied that economic spinoffs are still impacting various economic sectors and playing heavily in various government initiatives designed to curb any negative effects.

Inflationary factors, supply chain slowdowns, and employee shortages still remain a real issue for many Caribbean-based companies in sectors ranging from hospitality to the trades.

We had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the Special Envoy to the Prime Minister of Barbados on Investment and Financial Services, Avinash Persaud to gain some insight into some of the successes and challenges the country is facing as we climb out from under the weight of the pandemic. Barbados has, as always proved to be a very resilient and optimistic-thinking country with such untapped potential.

As companies face challenges head-on and continue to thrive in Barbados, we are watching their successes and are honored to continue to profile them in our publications. This month we feature Hope Inc and learn about the special emphasis that is being put on ensuring that hurricane-proof housing remains available for those that need it throughout the country.

We also are privileged to be able to feature the Barbados Stock Exchange. At the heart of Barbados’ financial trading lies a progressive, young, and vibrant stock exchange with its finger on the pulse of the economy and the twists and turns of the stock market.

As you read our latest edition of Business View Caribbean with a special focus on Barbados, my hope is that you come away with a little extra insight into areas that may have piqued your interest and you have gained a broader view of businesses and government bodies that help make Barbados such a special place to call home.


Karen Surca

Editor in Chief

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