Letter From The Editor – Volume 9, Issue 1

written by BVC January 14, 2022
Letter From The Editor

Welcome to 2022 and all the promise that a new year holds! A blank slate to populate with goals and dreams; a fresh opportunity for positive momentum and capitalizing on lessons learned. Looking in the rear view mirror can be quite cathartic – sometimes fun, sometimes not, but always thought-provoking.

As Jason Robinson, President of Solar Buzz in Kingston, Jamaica shares in this month’s Power Question, “For 2022, I think the focus needs to be on ‘Unity and Positivity’ for people to get back on track. We need to rise above all the negativity and focus on the positive aspects that we see… so we can all benefit again.” Wise advise for a healthy, productive future.

Speaking of the future, on a global scale, looking out for our planet and all its inhabitants is a worthy and necessary responsibility that none of us should be taking lightly. In the year ahead, we’ll be taking an active role at Business View to foster and promote sustainability – economic, environmental, and social – by sharing feature stories from the industries, communities, and organizations that are working diligently to make a difference. If you know of anyone going above and beyond in those areas, please send me a note with the details to lorie@businessviewmagazine.com . We’d love to hear from you.

This month’s Business View Caribbean kicks off 2022 with good news from a variety of sectors, including Tourism. Not surprisingly, sustainability leads the way, as evidenced in our cover story on The Cayuga Collection – a unique group of five-star, sustainable luxury hotels in Costa Rica and Panama that are committed to protect and preserve the communities and ecosystems that surround them. In Antigua, Blue Waters Resort and Spa is also taking great strides to protect the beautiful and fragile environment that surrounds their idyllic destination.

We also feature three outstanding examples of Best Practices in Business and Economic Development.

Jamaica Plumbing Supplies Company Limited has two impressive showrooms, one in Kingston and the second in Portmore, and focus on what they excel in – “just selling plumbing.” Covering Jamaica from coast to coast, Jamaica Plumbing sells to homeowners and contractors, while supplying products for every sector of the country, including the hotel industry, the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Health.

The Cayman Islands are well taken care of by a very ‘cool’ company – Polar Bear Air Conditioning. The  leading provider of air conditioning and refrigeration services, based in Grand Cayman, goes above and beyond to ensure customers have ‘crisp, clean, cool air’, especially during these troublesome pandemic times.

In beautiful Belize, Karl H Menzies Company Limited, the lead provider of Beverages and Surface Solutions, has developed a long history of innovation since its founding in 1969 and is now stretching out into the ecommerce territory with a visionary digital ecosystem called BelizeON. The online marketplace platform is focused on being a connector of local companies, so everyone can benefit.

The new year is upon us, my friends. Please stay safe, be joyful… and enjoy the read!

Lorie Lee Steiner

Editor in Chief

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