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written by BVC May 15, 2016
Manpower & Maintenance Services

Manpower & Maintenance Services Ltd.

World class solutions in facilities maintenance, outsourced services, and workforce education


Business View Caribbean profiles Manpower & Maintenance Services , providers of facilities maintenance, outsourced services, and workforce education.

Manpower & Maintenance Services Ltd. (MMS) was established in 1990 and serves clients throughout Jamaica from its offices in Kingston, Mandeville, and Montego Bay. The company was established primarily to provide janitorial, building, and grounds maintenance services to healthcare institutions, but because of its impeccable track record of performance and service delivery at the Tony Thwaites Wing of the University Hospital of the West Indies, the MMS quickly attracted clients from the island’s other commercial sectors, including banks and offices, construction and renovation sites, cruise ship piers, sport facilities, hotels, college campuses, factories, shopping malls, and prestige homes.

Other services provided by MMS include: carpet care, pest control, landscape design and maintenance, maid service, plumbing, carpentry, the cleaning of entertainment venues, and the provision of wash room supplies. The company also provides janitorial consultancy, evaluating a client’s current operations and making recommendations for improvements, ensuring that its facilities will be cleaned and sanitized according to internationally established standards and procedures.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MMS is M. Audrey Stewart-Hinchcliffe, an International Health Management Specialist with a proven record of achievement in business administration and consultancy services. She is experienced in negotiating and administering a variety of service contracts for companies in Jamaica and the United States, and is an advisor to Caribbean governments on healthcare privatization of facilities maintenance services. She is also the chief contracts negotiator for the MMS group of companies which includes: Manpower and Maintenance Services Limited, Caribbean Health Management Consultants Limited, Manpower and Maintenance Services Placement Agency, and the Institute for Workforce Education and Development.

The MMS Placement Agency is an offshoot of Manpower & Maintenance Services, specializing in human resource services, including recruitment and placement of both temporary and permanent workers who are experienced, trained, and certified in a variety of skilled areas. The Agency is licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Jamaica for both local and international placements. Some of the sectors it serves include: Home Management, Food Handling, Customer Service, Office Administration, Facilities Maintenance, Tourism, Human Resources, and Information and Communications Technology.

The Agency maintains a data bank of pre-screened, skilled personnel ready for assignment to different positions. In the event that a particular category is absent from the data bank, advertising and other search mechanisms, such as web-based posting, are rapidly activated to ensure that persons with the relevant skills are identified. All applicants undergo vetting by in-house staff with wide human resource management and industrial relations experience in areas including assessment, recruitment, negotiation, and placement of personnel.

The Institute for Workforce Education & Development (IWED) is also a company created by MMS. It was established to extend MMS’ strength in workforce development to the wider society and is dedicated to providing the finest training for advancement in the field of technical and vocational education (TECVOC) for its learners/clients. IWED continuously researches, and accesses information and knowledge to ensure that its clients acquire training based on current practices, techniques, and developments. It is registered with the Ministry of Education and is accredited by the National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

IWED trains:

  • Employees from institutions on contract with MMS.
  • Persons seeking placement through the MMS Placement Agency.
  • Individuals already in /entering the hospitality, construction and other industries.
  • Persons seeking employment in the regional/international job market.
  • Individuals who are interested in their own personal growth and development.

IWED’s technical and vocational training programs are designed to:

  • Provide programs that are planned and delivered through business/ education partnerships.
  • Provide competency-based courses that are certifiable through the National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET), City and Guilds or other certifying bodies.
  • Provide work-related skills training for the employed, those seeking employment, and those who need a base to advance to higher education.
  • Provide a link between education/ training and the world of work.
  • Develop a command of practical skills.
  • Develop the trainee’s ability to function as part of a team.
  • Provide a background for developing positive work attitudes.

The Manpower & Maintenance Services Foundation, Ltd. is the philanthropic arm of MMS. Established in 2003, the Foundation is the embodiment of the organization’s commitment to develop an empowered Jamaican workforce that will spur national development. It partners with private and public sector entities to develop and implement projects that focus on education and sports. The Foundation provides support to children and youths to access and fully maximize educational opportunities through the provision of grants, scholarships, and internships. It also aids the transition process of youth into the world of work through its mentorship program, staffed by MMS employees.


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WHO: Manpower & Maintenance Services Ltd.

WHAT: Providers of facilities maintenance, outsourced services, and workforce education

WHERE: Kingston, Jamaica



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