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written by BVC February 17, 2016
Waste Disposals (2003) Limited

Waste Disposals (2003) Limited

Integrated waste management services

Waste Disposals (2003) Limited of Trinidad and Tobago has been in the business of providing integrated waste management services to domestic, municipal, commercial, and industrial clients for over thirty years. A main focus of the company’s activities has been the manufacture of its own equipment which is then rented to its customers. The equipment is used for the collection, haulage, treatment, and disposal of various categories of liquid, solid, and hazardous wastes.

Waste Disposals Ltd. pioneered the use of modern containerized waste collection equipment and continues to be the industry leader by introducing new containerized systems and approaches to waste handling in Trinidad and Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean. In 1981, the company introduced its Ampliroll (roll on/roll off) system, giving clients the ability to choose the waste collection method that best suits their specific requirements, such as open top containers, on-site compactors, on-site shredders, and sludge tanks.

The company’s PAK MOR System was the first mechanically-lifted, waste container service to operate in the country. The introduction of this straight-forward and unique side-loading system allowed small, medium, and large waste generators the opportunity to contain their waste and have it efficiently and economically removed. Due to its cost and time-saving benefits, this system has been, and continues to be, one of the company’s most popular and effective waste removal services.

The management and staff of Waste Disposals (2003) Ltd. pride themselves in giving a superior quality and cost- effective service to its clients. A large portion of the company’s success has come from the close partnerships it has developed with its suppliers and customers. In order to increase the value of its customer service, in 2009, the company began installing GPS tracking devices on all its service vehicles. This tracking system allows it to manage its operations more effectively and has dramatically improved its customer database and route management. It also increases its employee’s productivity, eliminates excess overtime, and reduces fuel costs.

Waste Disposals (2003) Ltd. is also committed to continual improvements in its Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) performance. It regards the management of all internal HSE issues, and those of its clients, as an integral part of its business activities. The company complies with all relevant HSE laws and regulations in the delivery of its products and services. It is focused on improving safety culture and awareness in the workplace by providing effective training and education to all of its employees, impacting the safe execution of its operations. It also uses the most up to date methods of keeping records of plant and labor achievements.

All 60+ of the company’s fleet of vehicles are repaired and refurbished by an experienced and accomplished team of mechanics and technicians. This preventative maintenance system ensures that its vehicles give the best service without excessive cost. Waste Disposals’ skilled, in-house welders and craftsmen also manufacture and maintain the company’s onsite compactors and steel containers which offer the following benefits: they help minimize odor, reduce health and fire hazards, control vermin, reduce pilferage, reduce disposal cost due to their compaction ratio, and improve clients’ image by eliminating unsightly garbage receptacles and wind-blown debris.

Waste Disposals’ Rear Loader service is rapid, versatile, and economic, usually servicing smaller commercial clients, including restaurants and residential complexes. There are three main variations of the service: Bag Pick up – the collection of bagged waste; Garbage Carts – rental and service of 240 and 360-liter, wheeled plastic garbage carts with covers; and Tilt Trucks – rental and service of 1.5 cubic-yard plastic garbage bins with steel frames and wheels.
The company’s Self Dumping Hoppers are bins that empty themselves into larger bins via a forklift. They are designed to provide years of dependable service in a variety of applications from manufacturing plants to construction sites, providing fast, safe, and economic handling of materials and scrap. They also help increase job efficiency, lower labor costs, and reduce the possibility of work-related back injuries.

Waste Disposals also believes that recycling is a very important activity that ultimately benefits the environment and the people that live in it. Recycling saves landfill space, reduces energy consumption, conserves natural resources, and prevents environmental pollution. Thus, the company is currently providing plastic and glass recycling services to residential, educational, and commercial locations.

Lastly, Waste Disposals (2003) Ltd. destroys products that are potentially harmful, such as expired food stuffs and pharmaceuticals, which are hauled to an approved landfill for special disposal; oily rags, which are burned in smart ash incinerators; and fluorescent bulbs which are put into the company’s “Bulb Eater,” where they are destroyed while the internal chemicals are passed through HEPA filters, and the crushed glass, metal, and filters, are encapsulated in cement prior to their disposal at an approved landfill.


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WHO: Waste Disposals (2003) Limited

WHAT: A provider of waste management services

WHERE: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

WEBSITE: www.wastedisposalsltd.com


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