D2F Technical Ltd.: Fast-paced, Service-Oriented and Responsive

written by March 9, 2015

D2F Technical has proven track record in EPCM services.

D2F Technical Ltd. is a fast paced, service‐oriented and responsive company with a proven track record in providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance (EPCM) services. D2F was formed in 1985 in Trinidad and Tobago, in response to the need for professional engineering expertise combined with a construction capability. Today, it is a full‐service company and the solution provider of choice to a wide cross‐section of industries. In other words, D2F has the proven track record to meet EPCM demands and provides the most rapid turnaround in the market.

The company’s services cut across many disciplines, including Design – feasibility studies, conceptual design engineering, detailed design engineering, application expertise, equipment specification and procurement; Construction – project management, QA/QC inspection services, detailed design engineering, complete E & I installations, civil/structural installations, mechanical installations and contract maintenance; Automation – management information systems, PLC and PC based control systems, automation of “manual” processes, HMI configuration and integration; and Energy Conservation – energy audits and payback analysis, electrical power surveys, cost reduction systems, alternate energy and fuel substitute system analysis and cogeneration.

“The formation was predicated on providing deeper technical support on construction projects, given the engineering consulting background of its founder and the perceived need for such a service at the time,” said Derek de Freitas, D2F’s managing director. “The evolution since then has been 20 percent vision as to the market sector to be pursued and 80 percent market demand, or what the customer wanted.”

D2F employee numbers vary according to contract requirements. They have peaked at more than 150 and will cycle depending on projects, with the core permanent employee number being 25. The company has only one main office, but depending on project requirements may have additional site offices across its main market of Trinidad and Tobago.

Of course, clients will want to choose the best and most competitive combination of design, supply and construction services to match their requirements. D2F can find the simplest line from concept to completion. Depending therefore on your company’s needs, D2F can undertake any one or a combination of the following:

  • Prepare complete conceptual and detail design.
  • Review an existing design and prepare procurement specifications.
  • Purchase and supply project requirements.
  • Construct, test and commission an existing design.
  • Fulfil all your EPC Requirements as one complete “Turnkey” package.

D2F’s engineering capabilities include electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, civil, structural and process design, and its engineering deliverables include contract documents, bid evaluations, feasibility studies, plant and equipment specifications, plant/equipment layouts and general arrangements, civil drawing packages, structural drawing packages, mechanical drawing packages, piping drawing packages, electrical drawing packages and instrumentation drawing packages.

Industries served include hydrocarbon processing, electric utilities, petrochemical, iron and steel, oil and gas, cement, light manufacturing, water and wastewater, food and beverage, general industries, commercial buildings and hotels.

“There is fierce competition in the construction industry, but we are very competitive because of our size,” de Freitas said. “Also, we pride ourselves on building trust with our clients. Additionally we can offer engineering support and have won several projects because of our engineering procurement and construction capability. That is where we add the engineering technical support to the construction services. We do get a lot of work from a few of our clients rather than a little work from many clients.

“In fact, one of our clients is with us for about 28 of the 30 years we have been in existence. This relationship was developed on mutual trust, performance and listening to the client and their needs and making that the priority.”

D2F Technical has provided technical resources to clients to meet several short term and longer term needs, such as shutdowns and turnarounds, emergency work, project based, seconded to client office, MSA agreements and day and night shift. All technical resources are oriented, have basic HSE training and all STOW requirements, such as police certificate of character, medical etc.

D2F provides all resources with the required tools and equipment so they can get your job done safely, in the most efficient time. The types of resources provided include engineers (mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, civil and structural), designers (mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, civil, structural), CAD technicians, supervisors, technicians, electricians, welders, fabricators, masons, QA/QC, safety and tradesman assistants.

Located in the heart of the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, D2F is minutes from most downstream clients and a short drive from the Camden heliport. It has adequate office space with spare workstations for clients or consultants to sit in our office, a fabrication yard for prefabrication of spool pieces, supports, etc. and a work shop for assembly of panels, calibration of instruments, etc.

“We have exciting plans for the future,” de Freitas said. “First there will be a changing of the top management where the second generation will take over the operation of the company. Then there are plans to expand the EPC portion of the business. Thirdly there are plans to look for projects outside of Trinidad and Tobago.”



WHO: D2F Technical Ltd.
WHAT: Provider of engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services
Point Lisas, Trinidad and Tobago

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