BVC March, 2016 - page 56

56 March 2016 - Business View Caribbean
Yorke Structures Limited
The premier structural engineering and
steel fabrication company in the caribbean
By any standard, Dr. Robert T. Yorke, who passed away
on March 26, 2015 due to complications from Par-
kinson’s disease, was a revered and accomplished
man - one who believed that all lasting accomplish-
ments must truly derive from a combination of positive
thinking and simply being better at what you do than
your competitors. For 39 years, Bob Yorke led Yorke
Structures Limited (YSL), widely acknowledged as the
biggest and best structural engineering services com-
pany in the Caribbean region. And according to Simon
Westcott, YSL’s current Managing Director, and Yorke’s
son-in-law, “He and his company were synonymous.”
Yorke was born in Tobago in 1933. As a young man,
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