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54 March 2016 - Business View Caribbean
have challenges, ourselves, with cash flow, but we are
using the opportunity to acquire good talent and equip-
ment that may be very favorably priced at this point in
“And as a larger company, we need to have a little more
necessary bureaucracy, so financial and procedural
controls are things that we will focus in on in the next
three years.” This year, already, Plant Solutions has
embarked upon a two-year project to implement a com-
plete enterprise solution that will re-design and unify
all of its now separate and distinct IT programs and
procedures. When complete, the Accounting, Payroll,
Human Resources, and Customer Relationship Man-
agement (CRM) systems will all work together, seam-
lessly, on the same platform.
Ramsingh says that both he and company owner Deon-
arinesingh have developed well-respected, personal
reputations in the industry and that Plant Solutions
gets a “lot of calls,” as well as many invitations to bid
on projects. But the company also advertises and mar-
kets itself proactively, networking heavily through its
membership in the American Chamber of Commerce,
the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago, and sever-
al other commercial entities and business groups. And
because Plant Solutions sells engineered products, as
opposed to commodities, there has to be a lot of “high-
trust selling. There’s a lot of personal involvement in
the selling cycle,” says Ramsingh, “so our sales people
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