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processes and any impurity in the steam means an impure
product, or else they use boilers that foul up if there’s impuri-
ties in the water.”
Indeed, the fact that Point Lisas’ industrial clients are willing
to pay more for desalinated water means that the government
of Trinidad, via WASA, can afford to pay DesalcoTT for all of the
water it buys, even though only about 19 million gallons a day
goes to the industrial estate, with the rest of it going into the
general water supply for the population of south Trinidad. “Es-
sentially,” says Thompson, “the industrial companies are pay-
ing for all of the water through the higher water rate they pay.”
Thompson reports that DesalcoTT has approximately 120 em-
ployees. “But we employ many, many more – as much as 400
when we do shut-down maintenance. And all the time, we are
doing small improvements and maintenance on the plant, so
on a regular basis, we are also employing specialist contrac-
tors.” He adds that there is scope for further expansion of the
Point Lisas plant, and the company, which is now run by Yash-
mid Karamath, Hafeez’s brother (Hafeez died in 2011), is also
looking at the potential of being involved in desalination proj-
ects in the Middle East.
As the demand for pure, fresh water continues to grow, Desal-
coTT’s continuing mission is to become recognized as a lead-
ing supplier of desalinated water throughout the Caribbean
region and beyond.
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