BVC March, 2016 - page 50

50 March 2016 - Business View Caribbean
Plant Solutions Limited
Leading edge technologies in instrumentation,
control, and measurement systems
Plant Solutions Limited of Trinidad and Tobago was
founded by Aneal Deonarinesingh in 2001. Accord-
ing to Jason Ramsingh, Plant Solutions’ General Man-
ager, Deonarinesingh was involved in the industrial
field products business with another company, when
he decided to venture out on his own, thereafter ac-
quiring the Honeywell Instrumentation Company ac-
count - a very renowned, multi-national brand in the
field of measurement and control products and instru-
ments. At the time, Trinidad was experiencing a lot of
investment in the oil and gas, and downstream and
midstream petrochemical industries, so, according to
Ramsingh, “It was very propitious timing – and an op-
portunity to take that Honeywell brand and start up
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