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Business View Caribbean - March 2016 51
Plant Solutions.” Opening a small office, Deonarine-
singh landed a few key clients to whom he supplied
Honeywell products, such as monitoring systems,
transmitters, sensors, analytic instruments, control-
lers, etc. The new business quickly prospered and its
founder realized substantial revenue in its very first
year. “With that windfall,” says Ramsingh, “he recog-
nized that he wanted to grow the business, and to di-
versify into other product lines and related services.”
Today, Plant Solutions Limited is an ISO 9001 regis-
tered, and STOW-certified Industrial Services and
Equipment Supply Company. Its clients include oil and
gas exploration and production companies, oil and
gas service firms, the food and beverage sector, and
its main market, the upstream and midstream petro-
chemical process industries. As a value added service
provider, Plant Solutions Limited is capable of supply-
ing measurement and control systems, electrical and
instrumentation products, process equipment, and
industrial security systems, as well as effectively co-
ordinating and executing the successful project imple-
mentation, installation, and commissioning of these
systems on a turnkey basis.
Ramsingh came on board a few years after Plant Solu-
tions opened for business with experience in instru-
mentation sales, offshore oil and gas exploration and
production, and construction. “What I was able to do,”
he recounts, “was bring the services side of the op-
eration and some of the more administrative skills, to
the table. So, we grew over the last fifteen years, and
today we have 40 staff. We continued acquiring prod-
uct lines; Honeywell still remains the flagship product
line, but Honeywell, itself has several divisions and we
represent the divisions related to automation or indus-
try applications, instrumentation control systems, fire
protection, that kind of thing.” The company also has
representative relationships with a number of other
Plant Solutions Limited
An Industrial Services and Equipment
Supply Company
Debe, Trinidad W.I.
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