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52 March 2016 - Business View Caribbean
leading manufacturers, including FMC Measurement
Solutions, ReoTemp Instruments, and Versa Valves,
among others.
Trinidad is a heavily industrialized country and one of
the world’s largest exporters of methanol and ammo-
nia. And Ramsingh readily admits that the relatively
small, 2,000 square mile island harbors significant
competition within both the engineered products and
the services segments of the sector. “There are all
these service companies in support of the industry,
and all of the other major product lines have represen-
tatives in Trinidad and Tobago,” he explains. “So there
are about five or six companies that are on our scale
that compete with us in the engineered product sales
segment of the business and there are probably about
six or eight major electrical instrumentation contrac-
tors that compete with us on the other side of the busi-
Plant Solutions’ competitive advantage, though, ac-
cording to Ramsingh, is its ability to integrate the ser-
vices side of the business with the engineered product
sales side, believing that many other companies are
overly specialized, or as he states: “Too ‘siloed.’ But
our head of projects and head of sales share an office
with a high level of collaboration,” he continues. “We
have a technical department that supports both of
them. And what we encourage is the project and con-
struction operators to go out and say, ‘We can source
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