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Business View Caribbean - March 2016 53
- we can design equipment or material - we can be a
one-stop shop. And the sales people, when they’re
selling engineered products, they can say to the client
‘We can install and maintain this for you.’ So there’s
a high level of integration, and clients appreciate the
ability to have our one-stop-shop when it comes to
their industrial challenges and requirements.”
In addition, Plant Solutions portrays itself as a knowl-
edge-based organization. “We constantly research
technologies and products and take them to clients, if
we see, from a business standpoint, there’s a benefit,”
Ramsingh says. “We find technologies, we engage with
them, do presentations for them - because the guys
in the plants don’t have the time to be going to trade
shows or reading a lot of magazines. So, we do the
research and we take it to them. We have the ability to
synergize and find the current equivalent replacement
for an obsolete solution, or the correct combination of
equipment for complex solutions.
“And, of course,” he adds, “on the level of customer
service, we try to be very flexible. One of our key, core
values is flexibility. Even though with growth comes bu-
reaucracy and a bit of rigidity, we still try to be flexible
so that we can accommodate various client needs and
be extremely responsive; because time is money and
is valuable to the client. We recognize that; we instill
it across the team and try to be that kind of service
provider to the industry and our key clients.”
Most of Plant Solutions’ key clients are located within
Trinidad’s own industrial landscape, most notably, the
Point Lisas Industrial Estate. “We don’t actively service
regional companies,” Ramsingh says. “However, we do
market to them electronically. We have provided ser-
vices and equipment to Barbados, Grenada, Domini-
ca, Surinam, Guyana, and we actually supply to Aruba,
as well - including manpower.”
Ramsingh cites two items on Plant Solutions’ immedi-
ate corporate agenda: “We are gearing up to acquire
the necessary offshore certifications, equipment and
people to tap into the upstream, offshore market. Also,
there are just one or two really good valve service com-
panies in Trinidad, and clients have been clamoring for
valve servicing capability. So, we are gearing up to out-
fit our shop, because it’s a large and lucrative market.”
Ramsingh realizes that even though the sector, as a
whole, has seen better days, it is still a good time both
to invest in the company, and to look at ways in which
to improve its internal efficiencies. “As we look at the
industrial climate, we realize there are a lot of layoffs
and downsizing,” he points out. “It’s not that we don’t
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