Executive View April 2019

written by BVC April 17, 2019
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Hello again, our faithful, trusty and loyal subscribers of the absolute best magazine on the planet! There is no other competition to speak of, and none to come in the future, either. Lucky for you, we’re a humble bunch around here, or we’d tell you exactly why we’re the best, and why competitors have no shot at rivaling us!

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, welcome! While some of you are still trying to figure out if I was being funny, or if I actually BELIEVE everything I just said, let me put you at ease …I absolutely believe that! Don’t you? Isn’t that why you’re here, reading what you’re reading, door locked, phone on mute, and with all other possible distractions removed from your reach for the next hour or so? It’s okay, you can admit it! I mean, we take great strides to create this type of loyal interest in what we publish. Again, the characteristic you should admire most about us, is the humility. The fact that we never brag on ourselves, toot our own horn, relish in our extreme global dominance. I mean, that would simply be “uncivilized!” We just don’t do that. I mean, we know how attractive and well-published the magazine is, but we would never ask you to confirm those facts! However, I’m sure you agree that this is a magazine like none you’ve ever encountered before. Am I right? Of course, I’m right!  But, it would lack class for us to ask you that, and actually have you endorse that sentiment. Which is why we don’t do that. Do you see us patting ourselves on the back for having the eyes and ears of the entire executive community of the Caribbean, along with the Prime Ministers, Premiers, Presidents, Ministers, Senators, and administrative officials of every country in the region? No! But we do! You know that already though, don’t you?

Have you ever wondered why you happen to see us everywhere? Or did you simply think that we just so happen to be everywhere you go, and it just so happens that every other executive that you know happens to be reading our magazine when you stop by to visit? Or have you ever wondered why, when you’re searching for a powerful company of influence in the Caribbean, on any of the search engines, that our magazine’s article of that company is in the top 2 or 3 search results? Or, when you ask Google, or any other search engine, “What is the best, largest, most compelling business magazine in the Caribbean,” we appear higher in the rankings than any other magazine? I’m sure you’ve noticed all of that before though, haven’t you? Yeah, well, those are just the residual results of a magazine that happens to be the very best, most attractive, alluring, thought-provoking, informative, and well- published magazine on the planet. Actually, The Universe, but again, that’s not for us to say, those are simply your thoughts and sentiments, am I right? Yeah, we know!

It’s okay, you’re not giving us a big head by saying so. It’s just us doing what we do. When you’re this good, it’s hard to do, but you must remain humble. It’s our motto, our core values, our policy. But, we do thank you for all of the kind words, you’ve said here. Now, please, enjoy another mind-blowing edition of this month’s Business View Caribbean masterpiece.

Until next time, plan, build, and continue to prosper!

Andre Barefield

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