Letter From The Editor – June-July 2022

written by BVC July 11, 2022
Letter From The Editor

For travellers from around the world, the Caribbean is a much sought-after destination. Lush tropical forests, the bluest waters, glorious sunshine, and oh the gorgeous smiles from happy islanders! What’s not to love?

But even paradise has its challenges – especially when temperatures soar. Good to know that when it comes to keeping cool, the talented team at Peake Technologies Limited is working hard behind the scenes, so you can chill out with no worries. The Trinidad-based firm’s continued success over more than 60 years is a testament to their dedication to consistent performance, competence, and excellence in customer service.

The climate can also play havoc with the built landscape. While everyone loves beautiful sunny days, there are still times when the rains come and the winds howl – so buildings need to be built strong and sturdy to protect against the inclement weather. Whether it’s new construction or a roof replacement due to storm damage, Weathershield Limited in Jamaica is on the job. Because your roof is the first line of defence from Mother Nature, Weathershield Limited is the trusted choice to protect your home or business.

Ready for some fun? Mr. Derek Chin, CEO of the Dachin Group of Companies is at the helm of a diverse business empire but he is still a child at heart with a vivid imagination and a love of entertainment. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, the man behind the Trinidad-based MovieTowne cinema chain continues to grow his achievements as a lifelong entrepreneur and he loves to share the joy!

An amazing Dino Park now under construction in Trinidad, a carousel in Guyana, and a wealth of the latest films being shown in MovieTowne cineplexes – not to mention being spoiled for choice at Jaxx, Texas de Brazil, and Rizzoni’s restaurants… all these pleasures await thanks to Mr. Chin and his youthful exuberance.


Lots to enjoy in this issue, my friends!


Lorie Lee Steiner

Editor in Chief

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