Letter From The Editor – Volume 8, Issue 6

written by BVC June 14, 2021
Letter From The Editor

Welcome to a month of global celebration in honor of our beloved oceans! June 8th – designated as World Oceans Day – is a date set aside for everyone to think about the life-sustaining waters that cover so much of planet Earth.

For the Caribbean region, the importance of this precious natural resource is heightened with the challenges of climate change and sea level rise. According to the Caribbean Sea Commission of the Association of Caribbean States, “The Caribbean Sea holds a special significance as a geographic, economic, historical, cultural and, importantly, environmental connector.”

Today, the coastal cities, ports, resorts, manufacturing facilities, and other critical infrastructure continue to fuel the trade, transportation, tourism, and food sectors. Joining together to protect and better understand our oceans and seas is just the right thing to do. See highlights of the fully virtual World Oceans Day event at www.unep.org/events/un-day/world-oceans-day-2021

As we’ve recently learned, staying the course in the midst of a pandemic is a huge challenge. But there is good news to be shared and we have some great examples in this month’s issue of BV Caribbean.

Kris Bergstrom, President of the Edgewater Group, praises the Cayman government and the medical director who, during the pandemic, “did a stellar job of getting us to a position where life is as normal as it can be. The result has been unfettered work. We have strong demand in the market here and Edgewater Development is busier than ever.” Check out the company’s crowning achievement, The Meadows, a fabulous town-home development being built with a truly innovative construction system.

Since 1951, the Puerto Rico Builders Association has been representing leading developers and investors of housing, commercial, office, industrial, and tourism projects aimed at the betterment of the island. By promoting and leading planned, safe, and sustainable development in collaboration with Puerto Rico’s public and private sector, PRBA is helping facilitate the implementation of lessons learned about reconstruction after a natural disaster.

On the northern coast of Puerto Rico, the San Patricio Plaza is redefining the retail experience with a super impressive shopping center. Empresas Caparra, the González family company that owns the Plaza, has longstanding community ties and a rich legacy that continues to evolve. According to Tito González, “Right now, we have about one million square feet of retail and office space at San Patricio. But it’s more than that. It works really well for mixed-use. It’s centrally located, surrounded by residential, and pedestrian accessible. Our focus is on developing more uses and stimulating growth.”

Meanwhile, in Chaguanas, Trinidad, Caribbean Housing Limited not only has a well-earned reputation for its attractive and functional buildings, they also create a network connecting community members to  what is important – laying a solid foundation to bring together homeowners, family, friends, professionals, business owners, and consumers. For the benefit of one and all.

And wonderful news from tiny Dominica, where four years after Hurricane Maria, most of the island has bounced back and is once again a vibrant jewel of the Caribbean. Essential to those rebuilding efforts has been Do It Center – introducing products such as hurricane-rated windows to help with the government initiative to be climate resilient.

It’s our pleasure to bring you these inspiring stories. Stay well and enjoy!






Lorie Lee Steiner

Editor in Chief

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