Letter From The Editor – October 2023

written by BVC October 31, 2023
Letter From The Editor

Dear Readers,

Tourists may still be flocking to the stunning islands of the Caribbean hoping to take in the breathtaking sights and slow pace of life, however, for those island-based companies and organizations that are flourishing, thoughts of business initiatives are in full view for the months ahead.

A busy fourth financial quarter awaits a region that is making waves for its resilience following the woes of the pandemic and we as Business View Caribbean expect nothing less than a renewed optimum and clear sailing ahead.

For our team at Business View Caribbean, time never stands still as we bring you another detailed edition. We take you on a monthly journey of island life while expertly covering world-class companies, airports, and Government entities based in the region.

For this issue, we were privileged to speak with Ready Mix Ltd, a leading cement and foundation pouring company that is leading the burgeoning Caribbean construction sector. The commercial and residential boom throughout the region calls for nothing less than the many years of experience and highly skilled team that Ready Mix provides.

We learned that the Caribbean continues to face a pressing need for new housing stock and affordable housing and all construction starts with the foundation it rests on. With the expertise to match the demand, Ready Mix is cementing the construction path ahead.

If there is one thing that strikes a chord with our editorial team when bringing you local success stories throughout the islands, it boils down to resiliency. One only has to look at the success of the local economy, despite the woes of a prolonged global pandemic to see how the region has the expertise, talent, ingenuity, and fortitude in every sector to welcome dynamic growth.

We hope that as you enjoy the remaining days of summer, you learn something more about a region of the world that is ripe with opportunity and an area that we are privileged to cover, bringing in-depth features straight from its sea lined shores.


Karen Surca

Editor in Chief

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