Letter From The Editor – Volume 8, Issue 11

written by BVC November 11, 2021
Letter From The Editor

What a difference a year makes!

On the 1st of November 2020, I took on the role of Editor in Chief here at Business View – something I’d aspired to for quite some time. It was super exciting and I can’t believe how quickly the past 12 months have whizzed by. I’ve heard a lot during interviews in that time about working in ‘silos’, which has made me realize how fortunate I am. For while I may work remotely in my own little world, I definitely am not alone. I have lots of company on the journey to success – a fantastic team that makes all of our Business View publications a true joy to produce. I am so grateful to all of them and to the fantastic companies, communities, organizations, and sponsors who allow us to share their stories with you, our faithful readers. Special thanks to our Publisher, Marcus VandenBrink, who has been incredibly flexible, and patient, and ultimately trusted me to get the job done. Here’s to an exciting year ahead for all of us!

This month’s edition of Business View Caribbean is an adventure into the past. Our cover story on Fides, Limited showcases the beauty of built heritage and how the art of restoration is ensuring that these historic architectural gems are preserved for future generations to explore and appreciate. The Fides team is a wonder, itself, with craftsmen and innovators taking on the challenging tasks of restoring gems, such as the long-neglected Georgetown City Hall in Guyana, where work is now beginning. In Trinidad, they are helping restore the iconic Public Library that was built in 1901 and was the first of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean – one of several outstanding projects that they are close to finishing.

Trinidad offers up another inspiring tale of success in the Construction sector – a family business with roots going back five decades. Anthony and Germaine Scott started their door-to-door sales company (AP Scott) 53 years ago, as a two-person operation selling adhesive products out of a van. Today, their granddaughter, Jesse Scott, has taken on the sales and marketing of Steel-Framed Engineered Solutions Ltd. – one of eight well-respected divisions of AP Scott Ltd. The company specializes in the manufacturing of light-gauge steel framing systems using cold formed steel sections – a product with many applications in both commercial and residential situations. AT 27 years of age, Jesse’s ultimate goal is simply this: “When people think of steel-frame, prefabricated structures, and an engineered solution, they think of us.” Indeed, this legacy business is in good hands.

As we head closer to 2022 and all the possibilities and opportunities that await, remember to keep spreading the smiles that make the world a happier place … 😊 Enjoy the read, my friends!

Lorie Lee Steiner

Editor in Chief

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