Mangusa Supermarkets – Hard work and strong faith

written by BVC August 21, 2018
Mangusa Supermarkets shelving fully stocked with food.

Mangusa Supermarkets

Hard work and strong faith


Business View Caribbean reports on Mangusa Supermarkets as part of our focus on best practices of Caribbean businesses.

Mangusa Supermarkets were founded by Belmira Sousa de Lira, and her husband, Francisco Gonçalves, Sr., two émigrés from Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal, an archipelago comprising four islands off the northwest coast of Africa. They bought some land in Seru Grandi, Curaçao, and sold the vegetables they planted and harvested to a local grocery store.

Mangusa Supermarkets, man and woman sit talking.

The couple opened their first small store, a “toko” near the Janwe church called Maria Teresa in 1973. They supplied the store with produce from their land and supplemented the rest of what was needed with produce from the floating market. They found a second location on Cascoraweg and opened another store, called the Toko Mangusa, in 1977. In 1984, they expanded Toko Mangusa, which then became the Mangusa Minimarket. Five years later, after another expansion, it became the Mangusa Supermarket. In 1996, their eldest son, Francisco Jr., bought some lots and the family opened Mangusa Rio Canario, and finally, in 2011, the Mangusa Hypermarket on Cascoraweg opened its doors. Today, Mangusa Rio Canario has 180 employees, and Mangusa Hypermarket has 260.

Mangusa Supermarkets; A woman holds up a basket of bread for an onlooking man.Belmira and Francisco Sr. had five children – Francisco Jr., Jose, Paolo, Anita, and Gilberto – all of whom worked at the markets over the years. Francisco Jr., recounts that he began working when he was eight years old, and, at the time, his father paid him 10 guilders a week. “Later, as I got older, I earned 100 guilders a month,” he says.

The family attributes its success to hard work and strong faith, with Francisco Jr. offering a theory of that success that rests upon four pillars: “You need a good location; you need a good variety and assortment of products; you have to maintain good prices; and you have to provide good service. These are my keys to success in business.”


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WHO: Mangusa Supermarkets

WHAT: A grocery company with two outlets

WHERE: Willemstad, Curaçao



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