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written by BVC July 20, 2018
The front of the building showing the sign for Grupo Precision Control.

Grupo Precision Control

A market leader


Business View Caribbean interviews Emmanuel Pardo Gutiérrez Murray, Director of Corporate Operations at Grupo Precision Control of Mexico City, Mexico.

Grupo Precision Control (GPC) was founded in 1971 by two engineers – Eli Rush, an American, and Alejandro Pardo, a Mexican, “with the idea of manufacturing precision controls for different electrical applications,” says Emmanuel Pardo Murray, second generation and Director of Corporate Operations. “From the beginning, they understood that in order for Precision Controls to work properly, continuous and clean power was also required, so they also started supplying UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) equipment to industries. At that time, 1971, there were only three companies in Mexico with this kind of equipment. Now, there are hundreds of all size companies playing in the market, and Grupo Precision Control is not only the market leader, it is also the only pioneer left from those three.

Murray says that the need for UPS equipment was limited to entities such as hospitals and data centers. But, today, technology has taken control in all industries and customers demand 24/7 services, so almost every company requires uninterruptible power supplies. “The market has spread – from medical, to entertainment, to service, to grocery, etc.,” he states.

Grupo Precision Control at a conference with their booth set up and people present.

With headquarters in Mexico City, and five branch offices, GPC serves the entire country, while also exporting product to Guatemala and Cuba. “One of the successes of our company is that we have been able to work with different partners,” Murray says. “Sixty-five percent of our business is done working with other companies’ distributors; 15 percent with the government; and 20 percent with big corporations. We deal directly with the government because some of the accounts are required to be served directly by a manufacturer; and some large corporations try to cut costs that don’t add value, so we also work directly with some corporations. The other reason for our long lasting success is our business partners. Key suppliers and manufactures play a big part in any business, especially those that are continuously evolving to lead the market trends and needs.”

Murray reports that, over the last several years, GPC has changed its focus to manufacturing and assembling only high efficiency products, in order to help minimize the impact to the environment: “Today, we have focused all of our engineering to developing products with very high efficiency. By the end of this year, we would have changed all of our product lines to high efficiency products.” Another innovation concerns the ease with which the company can service its product line. “We are basing most of our designs on modular components,” Murray adds, “so that we can service any equipment and fix it within seven minutes.”

Murray believes that GPC distinguishes itself in the marketplace because it offers the best products available, good service, and the ability to adapt its business model to different customers. “We are flexible in our way of doing business,” he avers. “We can accommodate most businesses, and can tailor solutions that fit the customer’s needs for safe and continuous power. They don’t have to adapt to us. We understand that the market is very vast and needs different solutions, and we have been able to learn to adapt to the requirements of our partners. We don’t want our customers to only use our solutions if they aren’t the best. So, we try to have a good portfolio of products for the correct solution for the customer.”

With the highest efficiency portfolio in the market and 47 years of experience, Grupo Precision Control continues to lead the way in the manufacturing and distribution of quality and continuous power products to protect and support all critical equipment.


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WHO: Grupo Precision Control

WHAT: A manufacturer and distributor of precision controls for electrical applications

WHERE: Mexico City, Mexico



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