Letter From The Editor – September-October 2022

written by BVC October 11, 2022
Letter From The Editor

It’s always a pleasure to greet you in the opening pages of Business View Caribbean. This publication of ours is a labor of love put together each month by our dedicated team of professionals in sales, marketing, business development, research, communications, editorial, IT, and creative design.

Like any company, we have our ups and downs, our challenges and successes, our mistakes and our apologies. We take the time for introspection, for group discussions, for brainstorming, for celebrating, and then just getting on with the job at hand. For us, that means producing an entertaining, enlightening, and educating magazine that you will want to peruse cover to cover and, perhaps, look back on as a resource during different stages of your own business and leadership journey.

The cover story of this latest edition of BV Caribbean highlights Venequip Curacao, an equipment distributor that brings their machinery, human talent, and infrastructure to service projects contributing to the growth and construction of Curacao. In the Logistics sector, Shipco Jamaica is the first neutral NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) of its kind in Jamaica. Discover how it has really shaken up the import/export business on the island.

In the Construction realm, Ready-Mix Limited Barbados, and AWM Infrastructure in Aruba are leading their respective regions with innovative building solutions for a wide range of industries – both public and private sector.

When it comes to good taste, Dairy Industries Jamaica Ltd. have been satisfying cravings for their delicious signature dairy products – “Tastee Cheese!” – for decades. You’ll want to read all about their latest delicious menu offerings in this feature story.

Feel like a shopping spree? Head to Sky Mall in St. Michael, Barbados for a diverse collection of retail boutiques, beauty and business services, banks, restaurants, and its flagship store, Massy Supermarket. All laid out in bright and luxurious surroundings.

Speaking of brightening up your life, Civilectric are the specialists in solar energy solutions. They believe “Jamaica by nature is a blessed green, naturally beautiful island that inspires this concept and we need to preserve it and protect it for many future generations to come.”

Travel & Tourism is rebounding with gusto this year and 2023 looks to be even better. Of particular note, passengers travelling by air are in good hands thanks to the British Virgin Islands Airports Authority (BVIAA) that owns and operates all airports within the BVI. They oversee connectivity to hundreds of domestic and international destinations with daily flights to the most popular major cities in the Caribbean. When it comes time to relax and rejuvenate, Papagayo Beach Resort in Willemstad, Curacao is a destination of choice, where you can experience five-star luxe in a gorgeous, worry-free setting. Now that’s something we can all appreciate these days!

Lots of inspiration here, my friends. Sit back and enjoy the read!


Lorie Lee Steiner

Editor in Chief

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