The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean

written by BVC June 21, 2018

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean

Creating partnership opportunities while investing in tomorrow’s leaders


In 2018, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean celebrates twenty five years of higher education in Jamaica – a milestone achievement. UCC has achieved a significant rank within the nation’s higher education sector and continues to enhance its ability to serve the country by embarking on a continuing series of entrepreneurial initiatives within higher education – locally, regionally, and internationally.

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean. A man and woman sit at a desk with a man on the other side. The men are shaking hands.To date, UCC has seen more than 65,000 students successfully graduate from its programs, moving on to launch successful careers in areas including information technology, business management, marketing, tourism & hospitality management, and much more.

If you are an entrepreneur with a passion for education, a business entity seeking new revenue-generating opportunities in the higher education sector, or an existing educational institution looking to enhance your current degree programs, then the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) has the perfect opportunity for you.

In early 2016 The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean obtained international institutional accreditation from the UK-based Accreditation Services for International Colleges & Universities. The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean saw the need to create and explore opportunities for collaborative education provisions that add mutual value by allowing tertiary educational institutions and/or entrepreneurs to access the intellectual property and the UCC brand for curriculum enhancement or institutional start-up. This Division is known as the UCC Partnerships Division.

The UCC Partnerships Division stemmed from UCC’s business model that is driven by commitment to relationships at all levels, including students, educators, businesses and community partners. Since its official establishment in 2002 from the merger of two well-known and respected educational institutions, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean has emerged as the premier tertiary education provider in the Commonwealth Caribbean. With a broad and ever-expanding array of programs and majors for undergraduate, graduate, and specialty-focused certificates and diplomas, the University serves thousands of students annually and contributes to the ongoing economic and intellectual development of the Commonwealth Region.

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean. A woman sits at a desk with a headset on.The UCC Partnerships Division represents perfectly the vision of collaboration as articulated by the leadership of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean including the UCC Group Executive Chairman, Dr. Winston Adams – a successful innovator and entrepreneur for over twenty-five years. With this vision in mind, international partnerships are a cornerstone of UCC’s approach to education and long-term growth strategy. Some of these partnerships extend to longstanding relationships with international institutions such as the Florida International University (FIU), the University of London (UOL), the American Council of Education (ACE), the Commonwealth Consortium of Universities, the Commonwealth of Learning, and the Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions (ACTI), to name a few. These partnerships have helped to shape our approach towards win-win strategic tertiary education partnerships. With longstanding knowledge and expertise in relationship building, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our partner organisations have full access to the academic and administrative support infrastructure required to provide quality education in their local areas.

The UCC Partnerships Division will enable experienced entrepreneurs and organizations to launch new educational opportunities in areas where tertiary educational development has traditionally been a challenge. The Division offers franchising, licensing, joint venture and academic program validation opportunities. Partners may either agree with UCC upon the franchised provision of most or all its accredited curriculum or upon licensing one or two selected academic programmes. A joint venture between the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean and our partners will facilitate flexible arrangements that could allow facilities such as dual degree enrolment. In addition, tertiary education institutions with qualified faculty members and new curricula may arrange with the UCC Partnerships Division for oversight and/or validation of new unaccredited programmes. This unique collaborative education partnership will also allow qualified institutions and/or investors to deliver UCC programs that lead to the award of credit by the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean.

UCC Partnership Division is dedicated to the development and continuous growth of its strategic partnership initiative. The team is here to support and guide a range of strategic decisions, from initial engagement through to the launch of local class offerings and beyond. Some of the key resources available to our partners and potential partners include:

  • Initial Assistance: Your UCC team will provide guidance specific to the types of partnership engaged upon. We work with you to help promote and nurture a strong and engaged student community.
  • Consultation and guidance: We will remain a resource for partners from initial engagement through launch and during ongoing operations. Access unlimited, no-cost technical support and connect with partners.
  • Top-Line Courseware: UCC partners will have the right to use all curricula and courseware materials developed by UCC for use in business, management and computer training courses, as well as any future programmes of study established by UCC. This will allow for immediate offering of proven programmes of study to potential students in your region, and ensure academic consistency with other UCC campuses.

The UCC Partnerships Division looks forward to working closely with its international partners, large, medium, and small. The Division is committed to ensuring continued growth into a valued global brand that businesses, institutions, governments, and individuals turn to for assistance in improving themselves, their organizations, and by extension, their communities.


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