Executive View October 2018

written by Andre Barefield October 18, 2018
Executive View in text on top of blue water.

I’m not so sure how to address what appears to be a growing sense of concern about the frequency of these large and intruding hurricanes that are becoming intrusive to the civilization of many countries these days. To the Caribbean region, this is nothing new. It’s a season; like Summer, or Fall. You hope for the best, but plan for the worst. That way, you’re never caught by surprise. It’s not the most optimistic blueprint for everyday life, but when it comes to the reality of living in the Caribbean, it’s an effective plan to deal with the very real possibilities of a hurricane that could be knocking on your front door at any minute throughout the season. This is when the security blanket of an insurance plan can bring you peace of mind; a plan that covers your property, your business, your vehicle, your personal health, and yes, even your demise.

Death is a certainty that awaits all of us, and much like a business, must be managed properly for the best possible outcome. To properly manage death, you have to be able to, first, envision it. Once you can envision it, you can take steps necessary to make it easier on your family, and place yourself in the family photo album as a revered person with a well-defined, upstanding legacy of strength and wealth. You don’t want to be the person that brought discomfort, pain, and shame to your family and offspring, by not being able to face this inevitability. Tackle this head on, place death on your to-do list (Yes, I said it!!!). Plan it out, organize it, and make sure that it is carried out the way you envision.

As, Stephen Covey, a best-selling American author and business educator, says in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Begin with the end in mind!” In this habit, he asks you to envision your funeral. “Who do you see there? What are they coming up to the pulpit to say about you?” As he digs further into the segment, figuratively using the model as a hypothetical parable to teach you to live an impactful life, I’m asking you to use it more literally. At your funeral, how does your family look? Are they proud and do they look contented? Although people are mourning, do you see any smiles of those in thought about a well-loved person? Is this funeral in a house? Chapel? Church? Cathedral? Auditorium? Stadium? Well, now is your time to answer all of these questions. You can take these matters into your hands right now. Does your family return to a home that’s paid off, or are they now deeper in debt than they could’ve ever imagined? Is your business in good hands? Does it have to shut its doors, because you prepared no one for the possibility of this situation? Are your children’s education funded? Does your spouse still need to work to make ends meet? This list could go on and on asking these questions, but the fact remains that you have the ability to create your own answers for all of them! You can ensure that when your time comes, whether it be by old age, or the twist of an untimely circumstance, you’ve created the legacy that your dreams actually designed.

I apologize for the appearance of this month’s Executive View coming across as morbid, dreadful, and somber, if that’s how you’ve viewed it. However, I ask you to see it from the optimistic view of how insightfully thoughtful and wise that those who have known you best will view you, after you have taken these words to proactively plan the very best life you can, for now, and for when the time comes when memories are the only treasures they have of your time with them.

Until next time, plan, build, and continue to prosper.

Andre Barefield

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