Executive View January 2018

written by Andre Barefield January 18, 2018
Executive View in text on top of blue water.

Wow. Time truly does fly! We find ourselves already up to our ankles in 2018. For some, this could be a metaphor to represent quicksand that has already begun its slow, methodic, and tortuous inevitability. For others, this metaphor could represent the high tide of currency that will continue to envelope the rest of our bodies as the year continues – a tide of monetary compensation that will not only drape, cover, and encapsulate you, your company, and those doing business with your company, but, also, all of those with indirect contact with us, our businesses, and with those that are doing business with all of whom are doing business with us. Now that’s an epidemic most of us wouldn’t mind contracting.

If you don’t mind me expounding on the metaphor of growing infectious epidemics (I know it makes you a bit anxious when hearing about it, right?), I feel it imperative to discuss how growth in profits, uplifting business conditions, and positive local/global branding find their way into our daily business operations. It’s by way of one of our most ancient teachings of life: making sure that you are rendering the type of service, product, or policies that you, yourself, would appreciate having rendered to you; and making sure that you overachieve in areas that make your customers’ lives easier in every way that is important to them.

Daily, and at every opportunity, you want to drive this concept deeply into the core of your staff and those extended arms of your business that happen to represent your company in any way. This concept involves working longer hours, more days, and with less assistance than intended, at times. This concept involves rewarding your customers with what may appear to be unnecessary benefits and perks, and simply going above and beyond the call of duty at every turn, possible. This is something that should be done without the immediate thought fixated upon your return of investment, as there is no need, because your return of investment will far outweigh any of the efforts rendered.

So, allow me to issue this challenge: For the next ninety days, beginning with your staff, then immediately unfolding onto your customers, render uncommonly favorable practices with the mental concept of your reward being their happiness and satisfaction, regardless of the cost and effort that it may evince, and see if you will be able to quantify the reward to your business’s bottom line. For I feel comfortable in making you this promise: Your staff will enthusiastically work to deliver all of the tasks and initiatives that you have placed before them with a joy and fervor never before rendered, while your customers, and those in contact with your staff and customers, will begin to spread the most beneficial reputation of your business without your prompting them in any way. This will produce a quantifiable return of investment far wider than your plans could’ve estimated. It’s a rule that will always be a law, and that law will always enforce itself in the most beneficial way imaginable; through happiness first, and success, inevitably.

Until next time, plan, build, and continue to prosper.

Andre Barefield

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